Sean Banan – Gotteland – Obama with banana symbol – Putin – interpretation

This is the Swedish artist Sean Banan, with the song Gotteland. It is a parody like video. It is that you should have some fun and not be too serious. I thought this song was proper, since the American president Obama was given a banana greeting from Russia for his birthday this Monday, according to The Russian greeting was putting a banana in the Obama mouth in that greeting.

Actually it is pretty smart to go bananas for a president. Since bananas can replace oil. I don’t think the Russian students thought of that. You find other interpretations down below. Enjoy!

dxgaaqc3shwutvenmn6zSean Banan means Sean Banana in English. And then we have the incidents that both Russians and Americans have violated Swedish air space this year, this Sean Banan video has air planes, so it suits. Also the Americans violated Gotland, so the song Gotteland seemed appropriate somehow. Also I want to make a banana more fun, than it should symbolise a cock, so to remove the racist element I give Sean Banan instead, suggesting that they all should have a nice holiday and go to Gotteland (similar to Gotland, but means Candyland).

Perhaps they should, Obama and Putin have a nice holiday together and start talking instead of threatening. They are both acting like to two children in a sand box. In this video the people are on the sand beach playing and acting. Perhaps we could see the Obama and Putin administrations like some kind of acting. What is their agenda really?

I wonder why they have this communication problem? Perhaps they should start really talking and trying to find each other. Both of them have made a lot of mistakes, non of them is perfect. Perhaps it is difficult for them to see their own mistakes and easier to see each others mistakes. I am guessing that they both have a lot of opinions. So why are they not trying to communicate?

If world leaders cannot communicate with each other, perhaps they are not fit to be world leaders and those countries that have unfit world leaders should remove them from power. The key to power, which I think is wrong to even have, in the way it is today, is to be very humble, since they are both so dangerous men. What they say affect so many. They both behave trigger happy and guns, weapons and such are no way to rule a country. Peace should be each world leaders goal really.

So why do we have all these conflicts? People cannot communicate on the same level, they only hear and see what they want to see and hear. Perhaps we all need to try to find a level they understand. Try to explain things on their level. Try to explain so they really understand. Target an audience, just like marketeers. That is what we need to do to change Obama and Putin and get them to join hands and stop arguing like two kids in a sand box.

The shape of the banana is also an air plane. And talking about air planes and recent events, Russia did offer Sweden a fire fighter plane of large capacity, however the area already has 5 air craft and some helicopters, so they didn’t have capacity to accept the Russian fire fighter air craft, according to

The latest news from in the Swedish forest fire is that it might have started when a machine making ground work for Stora Enso (large wood company) gave off a spark. The name Stora Enso came from TV4 Nyheterna 22.00 today. Didn’t I already suggest that the other day? Yes I did. I presented that it could have been metal to ground giving a spark from i.e. car. Well, a vehicle it seems might have something to do with the fire, however that needs to be investigated before we can draw any conclusions at all.

I had a smell all morning of fire in Stockholm, everywhere I went actually. I could smell the fire here, 140km away. I guess the smell has gone all over Nordic and even to Russia, at lest the cloud went there, however I do not know if they felt the smell.

Image of Russian fire fighter plane linked to original source:

A banana can have many different symbolic meanings. I will say a banana is a commonly liked fruit for apes in a zoo. So what message are they trying to give, the Russian student organisation in Moscow? That Obama is being feed just like apes in a Zoo? Also the suggestion that the meaning of banana is a fruit is a symbolic meaning for gay. Gay have been called “fruit” in history. So is Obama being feed fruits? Gay ideals? So what if he is? I think that it is up to each and everyone to be what ever sexual belonging they want, as long as we are talking consentual adults. suggests that a banana is of Musa origin and in Swedish that sounds like a muse, that is a inspirational source. Also a musa is also a nickname for pussy (count) in Swedish. So the banana might have the shape of a penis, but since it is a part of a Musa origin it isn’t that simple actually. So it could be both female and male. So if the Russians students know that? I hope they do, they are supposed to be intellectuals, otherwise they have acted in blindness. The funny thing is that Wikipedia mentions a sort of banana that is named Musa Kokbanan, and the artist I have chosen has a song named almost that.

Also a banana could be said to be good for your health, it is full of vitamins and is a good fruit, so we could say that Obama is being feed good things. We can also see as being feed with something that these also are things coming out from the mouth. So perhaps it could also be for Obama saying good things. I think he is, that the rich shouldn’t complain so much is one thing Obama has said that is a good thing. I think the rich are in debt to the poor and not the other way around, however to many rich people do not seem to grasp that. They instead want more money, as the Ted lecturer I presented some days ago was speaking about at a lecture at Ted.

In Swedish banana is banan and that also means road, line and way. I.e. follow that course. Go that way. Go that road. Chose that direction. So Obama should follow that direction? The Earth follows that orbit, in Swedish we could say, “Jorden följer den banan”. So we can also associate the banana with the Earths orbit or a direction or way. We should live in symbiosis with nature.

So that the banana is racist is a one-way-perspective. However perhaps the students wanted to be racist, however, a banana is more than a black man eating bananas. For the first a banana in Swedish is banan and that has many more meanings, so for me it is instead some smart advice, that perhaps the Russian students should think of.

The rules that it is forbidden to propagate homosexuality in Russia is in my world just stupid. Let people be who they are, putting on a facade of fakeness because you are afraid, is just stupid. I dare all Russians to change such legislation. My ancestors came from deep in Russian land once opon a time and I am ashamed that you might have the same blood lines in you. If you have any smartness left from our same origins than you know better than to discriminate. You are walking the wrong path in this question Putin.

The banana has different meanings in different cultures. I found these explanations on

In Hawaii they need a banana for a proper prayer and propitiation of the God Kanaloa.
The banana is sterile fruit, so Buddha made it a symbol of futility of the Earthly possessions.
In Asia the banana was thought to be the first gift from the Gods.
In Africa it symbolises abundant fertility and used to make women fertile.
In Hawaii it was a forbidden fruit from girls and women, just because of its shape.

Also I found images online with staged photos, were someone has placed a banana in front of the president, or remade the president to an ape holding a banana and so on. They can have seen those before chosing the banana as a symbol. Just search on Obama banana. They are somehow making the president into a public joke in those images. The president is somehow portraid as an animal. Also they portray him as a monkey, like animals in a Zoo, or like it is all charades, acting so to speak. There are images of Putin in this genre as well. Making satire of public people in power is a way to present critic. For Putin there are many rainbow images.

Image is directly linked to its original source:

Both Putin and Obama need to get friendlier to the environment, you are both walking the wrong road concerning fracking, oil and gas. Grow up and be adults. Start signing green treaties. Make this planet well again. Stop exploiting and start living in symbiosis with nature. You are both leading parasite countries. Bad for this planet. More destruction will come in way of nature disasters. The floodings, the fires, the volcano eruptions, the tsunamis, the tornado’s, the Earth quakes are just a glimpse. It will get worse since you exploit. Just saying. I know I am right and you are not. You can still change to the better, both of you. You are both on the same planet. You are all stuck here. There is no other planet you can escape to. Just saying. There is non. We are only adapted for Earth. We cannot live with another planets bacteria, we will die since there would be so much we would have to adapt to. It isn’t just finding a planet. The planet will have life, you will affect that life if going there. Think to the better? Did you do good on this planet? So what makes you think you will do right on any other planet? Parasites as we are? Just wondering. Think about it.

So my greeting to both Obama and Putin is this Sean Banan song.


The song text goes something like this (very simple translation):

“The sun is shining
Everyone is laughing
No cars, just steering wheels,
Everyone without clothes on are allowed to join,
Fixing grandpa, by throwing away the trousers and the sweater,
Helping grandpa remove the diaper, but he is allowed to keep his fur,
daddy is farting, the water is bubbling,
Grandma is running, and she stumbles, and happens to step on a big melon,
Mommy is dancing in the sand,
Uncle takes someone by the hand, bananas are his passion,
Do you want to come on a crazy holiday, then I have gay for you, nudity holiday,
The sun is shining here on my nudity beach,
You get the yellow fever in my Gotteland,
Do you want to come on a crazy holiday,
Then I have gay for you, nudity holiday,
Because there is sun and sand here on my nudity beach, you get the yellow fever in my Gotteland,
Holy, hold on to the hat,
Holy, hold on tot the hat, holiday (repeated a couple of times)
The jet (sounds also like giants) came from all countries,
Nobody gets bikini marks,
Nudity of best quality,
Grandpa does magic and hides his balls,
The old lady gives 10 dollars, from her hairy wallet,
Daddy farts and the water bubbles,
Grandma is running and stumbles and happens to step on a large melon,
Mommy dances there in the sand,
Uncle takes the banana in his hand, since bananas are his passion,
Do you want to come on a crazy holiday, then I have gay for you,
Nudity holiday, because there is sun and sand here on my nudity beach,
You get yellow fever in my Gotteland,
Then the song repeats itself
The nude Janne is the farmer, took the banana boat without a passport to my
Nude Alcatraz, got caught in the costumes,
We are soon landing on our destination,
Don’t forget to use your discount on tampons, and trans bikini wax,
In Gotteland,
Do you want to come on a crazy holiday, then I have gay for you, nude holiday, because there is sun and sand here on my nudity beach (and then the song repeats)”