Google doodle analysis – John Venn birthday

Today’s doodle is an animation that has 12 images that change all the time. There are 3 images in the left circle and 4 images in the right circle. There are therefore 12 combinations of these images. I haven’t made printscreen’s on each combination, however I have made printscreens of at least one image on each side. They change upwards and downwards. On the left side they go upwards and on the right side they go downwards.

Google doodle 20140804, John Venn 180 years.
Google doodle 20140804, John Venn 180 years.

The images are simply explained:

Right side: Bird, Space, ice-cream truck, balloons

Left side: A white house with fish, Paris wheel (looks like that on the first glimpse), woods

Each image:

Bird sits on a big stained coloured egg on a branch. The bird is turquoise with wings in beige, mocha, green and dark grey. The branch is above a tree.

The space image has a space ship and stars, 2 stars are shaped as stars, the others are more like star spots. One star is bigger than the other.

Ice-cream truck image has a colourful ice-cream truck and it is standing on an asphalted street in front of a grey house. The house has yellow windows that are turquoise inside. In one of the windows stands a mushroom shaped figurine in the lower part of the window. It is beige and black. It looks like the windows have turquoise curtains. The right window is grey inside. The left window has a mushroom shaped figurine in black and beige. On the bottom floor of the building there is a striped roof of cloth, as if there is some commercial activity in the building. To the left of the building we can see read square and a turquoise frame.

The man is holding some round balloons in different colours. The man has white beard. It is holding a cake with one candle. It has black and grey clothes. It has a party hat in turquoise with yellow spots. The balloons are transparent in cerise, yellow and blue and where they come together they are orange and green. The cake is beige pink, white and turquoise.

The white house looks like it could be an aquarium with a figurine, since it has fish in the blue part that would have been the sky if there was no fish. There are bubbles in white. There are some green plants in different shades. There is sand on the bottom in the aquarium, or sea. A white house drowned in water, resembles the saying “vatten över huvudet”, it is someone that is deep under water, taken on a to big task, in this case the white house.

The Paris wheel looks like a fair. There are trees there. The sky is pink it two shades. The ground is light grey. The Paris wheel shape looks like it has ears. The Paris wheel isn’t a Paris wheel really. The “feet” have rounded shape. The paris wheel looks like a life buoy in the shades of dark-gray, yellow and grey. The “feet” are beige, like the middle part also is. In the middle of the circle in beige in the middle there is a cone shape in dark-gray and white. It has a dark-gray lower part and a dark-gray dotted upper part. The trees are not really the correct shape for trees, they are parachutes, without the parachuter visible. The icon in the middle looks like a post for ships in the sea in black and white. A pink sky is often at night, when the sun goes down. The feet of the life buoy could be spotlights due to their shape. So this life buoy is up in the sky, has parachuters and spotlights pointing downwards, also it has ears, that looks like a teddy bears. It could reference to the teddy bear-attack that some did in Belarus in 2012, with messages of pro-democracy. To know more surf into Wikipedia.

The woods look like Swedish fir trees. In the woods there is some kind of blue animal, however to small for me to understand what animal. However blue isn’t a colour of any animals than fish and birds. However this shape reminds me of a bird. So I say it is a blue bird. On top of the trees there is a house with a tower. The tower looks like a water tower. The house looks like a barn. They are colored light brown. In front of the house there grows crops. The ground is dark grey, almost black. Twitter icon has a blue bird is a icon. Twitter is a social media platform.

Okay so one image is about surveillance and that it is a grey zone of a life buoy. One image is symbolising space with all the stars and a spaceship. Another symbolises the countryside where there is a blue bird. There is a figure of speech “the blue bird is singing”, so it could resemble that. Twitter is a social media platform and it could be annoncements on Twitter as well. The fish in the sea and the white house in one image, so the white house are looking for the fish in the sea? Or the white house has taken on a task to big for them to handle, they have “tagit vatten över huvudet” so to speak (they are way over their heads). A man with a beard and a cone party shaped hat is handing over a con gratulations with balloons and a cake with one candle lit. An ice-cream truck delivers ice-cream directly on location.

Okay let’s summarize. The white house is fishing and are on territory way over their heads. Out in space the white house think they are handing out a life buoy; however that is somewhat of a grey zone. The delivery is the blue bird singing and a man is handing over his con gratulation for finding the blue bird.

If you click on the play bottom then you get another animation with two circles. One is pink and the other is olive. They have cake formed shapes inside. Outside the pink circle, on the left hand side, there is a life buoy with a lantern in the middle, then a guitar (some kind of instrument), a Volkswagen car, a tree and a fish. Pressing the upper left icon results in new icons on the left hand side. On the left hand side we got the icons microscope, bird, ice-cream, snail and space ship.

The life buoy with the lantern could be the life buoy has been lit and it plays music with a Volkswagen, trees and fishes for science, sings, eats ice-cream, moves slowly like a snail and flies up to space. Haha. You can try to read it differently; you might get a better sentence that makes more sense. You can also try to find out what the images look like better than me.

When clicking on the icon I got a blue mouse, so the figure in the woods was most likely a blue mouse. On Google a blue mouse gives hits on microphones and theatre. Theatre can be synonym for acting, role play, charades, that means not real. A reference to playing charades comes up in my mind.

There are many images depending on the combinations on the left and right bottoms in the circles. Mammals come up when clicking on the left hand side upper bottom. Then it merges the image with the right hand side chosen image and an image where the two circles meet up comes up in the middle. Then the image “John Venn 180år” reveals itself. He was, according to Wikipedia and English logician and philosopher. His birthday was the 4th of August. According to Wikipedia he did the “Venn diagram, which is used in many fields, including set theory, probability, logic, statistics, and computer science.” He got a degree in maths and was a lecturer in moral science, logic and probability theory. The balloons in the google doodle were the same as his model icon, three bubbles meeting each other in the middle. The diagram is about the fact that the joined circles are both circles, a so-called theory of logic.

Since there are so many icons, up to 5 icons on each side they can be paired 5 times each. That means each icon has five possible options of pairing. There are a total of 10 images. There are to many combinations to take printscreens on. You have to do without or do it yourself, or find someone who has done it.

The references to the air craft that did invade our space here in Sweden the 18th of July are pretty clear at the present time. 180 years ago John Venn was born, and that has the numbers 18, just as the date 18th of July. The spy reference is also clear, since the US did fly with an intelligence air craft and viloted Swedish air space. They have however said they won’t repeat it according to the news. Also the fir is a typical tree in the Swedish forest. Mice do run in our woods. And the mice are there, as long as nobody is watching. So are Americans trying to excuse their actions by saying they are “Venn” (sounds like vän in Swedish, which means friend). And they are somehow thinking they are helping us, but since they know it is a grey zone they understand they did wrong. However then we have the man handing over 1 year anniversary cake, so what is 1 year anniversary? He holds the balloons that symbolise the method which included logic, probability, statistics and computer science. So are they handing over the information they found from the surveillance from the air craft? So did this happen when it was evening, since the sky was pink? Clearly the man is in the white house and he is the one that hands over the cake. Ice-cream could be “be cool” or “cold”. Just as in cold war, or be “cool” about the incident. It is like an excuse hidden away in the doodle, strangely enough. However what the 1 candle stands for I haven’t figured out. There is a song in Swedish named “tänd ett ljus” and that is a song for peace actually. So perhaps it is a peace treaty handed over from Google.

I hope you enjoyed the doodle. You can continue to interpret it yourself. This is just one side of the story, there are other ways to look at the doodle. If you like, you can try to find the other ways. Enjoy!