Review of the Movie Tokarev

This movie doesn’t reveal itself until the end. The end is better than the movie. The movie is about the fact that blood revenge never pays. It is about the fact that guns and weapons cannot make anything right, they just make things worse. The movie is about the fact that a lost life can never be replaced. The movie is about the fact that you cannot walk around assuming things, if you do not ask. Your assumptions might be so wrong. It is about the fact not listening to a friend’s advice, even though they are right. It is about the fact not believing in others and how wrong you might be. The ultimate revenge is paid back on you walking down that road… that Nicolas Cage character does. With this said, I really haven’t spoiled the film for you. You still do not know the outcome.

I thought of the movie as somewhat to violent, yet boring at times, even though some actors are good. I still found the action scenes to violent to be realistic. I wanted to do other things when the movie was on, that means it doesn’t capture me in the moment and make my fantasy be caught in the film. So therefore I only give it one star out of five. It wasn’t bad acting. It was just to unreal and too much really.

Well. You might still see it, the end of the movie is the best. The lesson learned is the best.

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