Review of movie Buyers Dallas Club

The movie is about a heterosexual man named Ron that gets HIV, in the beginning he is even homo fobic, he is very much a ladies man. He however has a lot of unprotected sex with women and therefore he gets the HIV-virus. He is given 30 days of estimated life span to live. In the beginning he is in denial, but then he realises its his lifestyle that gave him the virus. When he tells his friend, the friend tells others and suddenly he is considered a plake. He also gets fired from his job, because of the virus. He also gets evicted. He tries to get into drug trials, so that he may have a stop medicine. However that doesn’t work out, so he retracts the drugs illegally, until he cannot get a hold of the drugs anymore. In combination with the AZT he takes narcotics. He gets a note from his dealer at the hospital with the name of a doctor in Mexico. He goes there. The doctor is the one that tells him that he has retracted the AIDS virus now, just because he self medicated AZT in combination with Cocaine and other drugs. However this doctor turns the T-cells up higher and he gets better. He realises that he could make money from this in the states. He starts to smuggle the drugs. He gets caught, but since they are not really drugs, but non FDA approved medicines they cannot apprehend him for it. He starts off a business selling the drugs to other AIDS and HIV patients.

On the way he is worked against from large organisations, the state and companies that have everything to lose on other drugs getting supply and demand. He fights the system. The people who need the drugs are not given the drugs, the legal system works against them. All the people want are access to the stop medicines. This movie is a true story about hos the state, the law and companies try to fight people who are just trying to help others to live. It shows us how sick the system is. That there is something wrong with it. It also shows us how the people with AIDS and HIV where treated, not even being allowed to keep jobs or apartments. For everything that is unknown to us people have always been afraid. Even today people are getting worked against in systems for different reasons. It is hard for people who are sick, old and poor to fight such systems.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars, since they really give character to the people in the movie. Jared Leto really plays the transsexual guy realistic. Matthew Conaughey also plays his part good. Some of the others are not played as good, but since the story is really about these two, they keep up the movie on a higher level. The story isn’t sad in any way, it is more about one mans fight and Rons transformation on the way.

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