Poverty in Sweden

According to this YouTube-clip (I do not know if it is SVT or TV4) 7,3% children are poor in Sweden. Sweden is the worst among the Nordic countries. To be poor in Sweden means that the child has less than 3 meals food per day, no access to fresh fruit or no Internet access. These are things measured about children’s poverty in Sweden by UNICEF.
The problem is often not material, it is the possibility to do things in society, like have a hobby and being able to eat food enough each day. When I have taught some kids have told me stories about what that they wanted to do, but couldn’t since it was to expensive. Most often a hobby they wanted to do they couldn’t, just because of money. I haven’t done anything when I have heard that, but I have felt bad. I felt like I wanted to pay for it. Money shouldn’t hinder people from doing their passion. Perhaps those kids would be the best in the world, but nobody ever gives them the opportunity. I feel sad. How many kids are in those situations? To many, if you ask me.
In the clip a family talks about their problems that means they cannot buy food, get a job, get a driver’s license and so on. The living quarters are not theirs, they are so-called transit living, that means they are hired by the state as living quarters.
Sweden has issues with poverty and is unequal in many ways, however on a different level than a kid in an even poorer country. In Sweden we still have free medical and dental care for kids up until 21 years old and free schools. Before 2017 the dental and medical care was free until the kids where 19 years old. In schools kids get free food.
If you are resident in Sweden you also have a roof over your head, however not EU-immigrants that cannot earn a living. Sweden doesn’t
have to help them with housing, according to the rules. However the kids still get to go to school, if they decide to live in Sweden. On the other stuff, you have to find out the rules by your self, since I don’t know. I only know they are welcome to attend school.

Source: youtu.be/V_NP1AxPJYM