Review of the Movie Sex Tape

Well, it is a movie about the fact that sex fails in some marriages after having kids. We start taking each other for granted and then start doing stupid things. In this case the couple do a sex movie that is 3 hours long. Since they are so into new technologies they have given away their old Ipads without wiping them first. The reason is that all the people get his amazing music lists updated. However all the files get synchronised and end up in the cloud. Since they are not so smart with technology they do not know they can remotely erase the tape. Instead they start collecting the Ipads and this is a very strange trip. A lot of things happen during the few days this takes place and shows us what people are willing to do to protect themselves.

It is a funny movie at parts, but somewhat predictable and I often already could see how the movie would unfold, no revolutionary dramaturgy so to speak. Both lead actors and actress have really good body shapes and look good. They have nothing to be shy about.

Well. It isn’t a movie for kids, it is more a adult movie for couples that want to laugh some to sex jokes. I give it 2 week stars out of 5 for making me laugh. It was a totally okay movie.

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