Swedish employers use foreigners

Imagine that in the land of Sweden there are workers that are being misused. They can earn as little as 12SEK per hour, a video on Expressen.se shows us. That gives him a salary of 3000 SEK per month. Oh my God! I have three times more on a-kassa. 3000 SEK wouldn’t even cover our house, even though it is a very cheap house.

The people that work for the low salaries are those that i.e. make food, clean and wait on us in the restaurant industry. Imagine that we have slaves in Sweden, even in the 21st Century. We have to do something for them. We cannot have companies using people like this.

This has been going on for long, there has been TV-programs about this on SVT and I have written about those earlier. Still this goes on everyday, here in Sweden.

I wonder how those restaurant owners can sleep well at night? I wonder how Fredrik Reinfeldt can sleep well at night? He, afterall, thinks that we should have low-income jobs, better we earn nothing working than have good insurances so people wouldnt have to take jobs like those. I think it is terrible.

I earned 3000 SEK per month in a summer job paid by the state, but that was more than 2 decades ago. Since then everything has gotten more expensive. Can a person with such salary even afford an apartment? I am guessing they need welfare assistance.

So what have you done to change this? Nothing? Well, it ain’t gonna change if you do not step up and say what is on your mind. Take a stand. Speak, write, film, take photo’s, create art or whatever makes you tick.

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