Google doodle analysis – Children’s day in Panama – The elephant is in the house

I cannot see the doodle for Children’s day in Panama; however clicking “I am lucky” you usually end up on the doodle page. Today there is the doodle for children’s day doodle. Let’s have some fun and use Internet and our imagination.

They have building blocks for children. They are all made of wood. There are triangles and cylinders and squares. They have the letters for Google, grouped in three’s. GOO and GLE.

In Sweden we have IG for “not approved”. And the cylinder and the G surely looks like IG, where the triangle is on top of the cylinder shaped i. On the side of the G there is a cow, at least it looks like that for me. On top of the cow there is an eight, a symbol even for eternity, as well as the number eight. After that there are OO. However if we read them as letters and numbers it turns out:



Depending on what levels you think it turns out as, the triangular shape, is on top (five corners visible) and that has five corners visible, that is the number five.


Between the numbers 1-9 number 5 is the middle number. That could symbolise balance. After that comes a new level. The 1 goes into that level, so it turns out as:


When we turn something 180 degrees, we usually say 180. So far we could say it says balance turned 180 degrees.

IG means failed in Swedish. That means that balance has not turned 180 degrees.

Cow is a symbol for holy cow in India. In some charity project you can give a goat, a cow and so on. The cow gives milk to a family and with milk you can do yoghurt, cheese, whipped cream, keso and so on.

O could as well be a zero and not the letter O. So hasn’t balanced changed and people have given zero cow’s to help the poor. The toy that is in the middle of the image is a “snurra”, if I would turn that word into English not using a translation tool or book it would be “turn”.

Then we have:

3 4 180 I G cow O turning 3 4 4 3 G giraffe 1 L ‘elephant E.

The image has many letters and combinations and the above is just one. That is if I leave out the triangular and cylinder shaped figurines and only use those that have an image or a letter/number written on them.

One readable number and letter combination is 80G. That is if I read it until the first image. That is a sort of system in India for giving charity. Those that give a charity during that section get tax reduction. So lets say 80G represents charity and then we have a cow. The cow is something holy in India. Giving a cow gives food to a family in poor countries. It is life stock in many countries.

Then the O could be a symbol for circle, ball, or just a O or a 0. So charity – cow circulate. Get that “rolling/spinning”, just like the toy is spinning around, it is in movement. We call it “snurra” in Swedish, which means “spin”. So it could be get the charity ball rolling for giving away cows.

Then on the right side we have 3 3 G, could be free 3G, if we read it until the giraffe only. Then there is IL, who could be isle. Isle can stand for marriage, “Going down the isle…” or join, or island. It can also stand for I will. Elephant E. Free 3G, giraffe isle, elephant balance. The E is the 5th letter in the alphabet and in the number series 1-9 the 5 is the middle number, which is in the middle of balance. The giraffe isle could be for anything long, looking it up on a search engine gives different results. One actually is about a robot called giraffe that helps dementia patients to live independent lives. So now we are going to replace human beings with robots? Why am I not surprised? I also get hits on zoo’s. It kind of reminds me of a robot as a guardian for even the patients with dementia. But then again, is that so different from what Google, Skype, Facebook are doing right now with us? Guarding us like we were animals in a zoo? Our zoo is planet Earth. Elephants are enormous, big and huge. So is the elephant balanced? Having the zoo animals inside the doodle makes the “zoo” pop out even more. Also the L is in front of the elephant E. So perhaps L is guarding the zoo.

If we read just the top letters on both sides it also turns to 80 G. The bottom row turns into GOLE without the images. That could sound like “Goal”. In front of it we have a balanced “snurra” spinning. So 80G goal is balance the “snurra”. The “snurra” could be planet Earth.

The OO on top of each other look like eyes, glasses. The letters to the left are grouped as GO. L’elephant is The elephant. The elephant is an idiom for the obvious truth that people ignore, or risk that no one wants to discuss.

So yes, all this in a Google doodle for celebrating the Children’s day in Panama. Enjoy it! Feel it.

So what are you doing for charity? Have you given any cows to poor families lately? You are part of all this, not separate in any way. If you are rich you are in debt to the poor, not the other way around.


Google doodle printscreen of Children's day in Panama
Google doodle printscreen of Children’s day in Panama