Google doodle interpretation – Cossacks packing their bags

Today´s Google doodle is strange. Need I say more? Well, I am going to try to interpret the strange doodle.

Google Doodle - Cossacks leaving. 20140712.
Google Doodle – Cossacks leaving. 20140712.

Next World Cup will be 2018. So there is a sign that says go to the left for 2018 football(soccer). Interestingly enough the football is black and white, not yellow and green. However the sign is grey and the letters for 2018 are also grey. So perhaps it isn’t all black and white in 2018? Or is it? The sign isn’t black and white, nor grey, so perhaps this sign indicates that the future is unknown? Could the black and white mean that perhaps it is all black and white now, but to enter a grey zone we need to go left/west. It can also be go back to the black and white zone, since the football is black and white. It can also mean “go back and play ball”. To play ball, is to play by the rules, or join the game, to have everyone on the team. However when someone doesn’t I am guessing that means “not joining”, “doesn’t want to play ball” etcetera. Since they have the back sign it is more like go back. Why the 2018 is there, I do not know. Maybe it could be that 2018 is the future and then going back to the past, with the road sign directed to the left. Sometimes people are told what to do, play ball is sort of doing just that. Some people do not like to be told what to do and “go back and play ball”… is perhaps urge someone to speak up.

The strange thing is that is says go to the left and not to the right. Usually when we go forward we make arrows to the right. Does this mean we are going back in time? In what way? Or are we just looking back in time? The Google doodle starts with two oo,’s being in the middle. They both have a bag each. One is red, the other one is yellow. They each have a green-yellow football. They are both kicking their ball into the trunk. There is a star when they kick the ball. So are they star soccer players? The red o has the flag for Holland on the suitcase. The other yellow o has the Brazilian flag. Both place their balls in the bag. The go left sign can also be for “go west”. Like, go to America. Or go backwards. Or just go. In this case the Brazilians and the Holland are packing their bags. Strange since the soccer games are played in Brazil. Brazil doesn’t seem so cold either that you need a Cossack hat. So pack your bags and go to a cold place. A cold place left? Hmm. I really hope they are not telling the Russians to pack their bags and go the North west… since this is where we are. Okay to the two Googler’s should pack their bags and dress warm and go to the west.

Something really big is in the bag, I do not know what it is supposed to resemble, maybe Russian Cossack hats? Cosac means free man, according to Brown coloured hats, pretty common in other countries to… Also in fashion for some fashionable women in the Nordic countries. They are square, in Swedish we say “fyrkantig” about people sometimes in a figure of speech. It means someone who isn’t very imaginative, that is simple, plump and steady. However square there are also some tests about people about how they are as people. I happen to think such tests are stupid, but that is another story, but if you have skills from let’s say all sections on such a test, you are square. In that sense I wouldn’t call the person “fyrkantig”, I would rather say that it was a generalist, a person that has a little bit of this and that. Not specialist in anything really. No matter what. A square has four sides. One could resemble that with four sides of a story. With that said, that we all have different world views, since we have different socioeconomic backgrounds, knowledge, among other things. They only show 2 dots on each Cossack hat and that could be for 2 or to, i.e. U2 could mean You too. You get it, I know you are smart. Well. So it is for the squares. It can also be for those that wear Cossack hats, the Russians or the fashionable women.

If we look at the “square” as someone that doesn’t want to change, then we could se to the history of the Cossack, a from beginning nomadic people living in symbiosis with nature, were changed by the government in the 18th Century. The Cossacks were stripped from their inheritance and culture, just like the Native Americans by Americans, the Sami by Sweden and so on. Instead of letting cultures coexist, they have made the people lose their identities.

According to the Cossacks are dominant in Ukraine and South Russia. So the Russians should pack their bags and get away from Ukraine? The green road sign could very well reference to the military, that they should back out from Ukraine. So the Russians should back out from Ukraine.

I have already said that the red and yellow might be in earlier doodles. There is a thinking method called the six thinking hats. Red represents intuition and feelings. Yellow represents positive options logically motivated. So the two thinking about positive options logically motivated and with intuition and logic should pack their bags and dress warm and go west, to a black and white, grey zone? Haha. This Google doodle is just funny. The Google team is then left with only G and gle. The l is a green road sign. A road sign can be like a direction, a new direction. And then the green can represent go green, or go create according to the six thinking hats. The creative is for alternative solutions. So go to an alternative green lifestyle in a black and white, grey zone? Green is also a common colour for military. It is also a colour that gives clearance. A traffic sign that shows green means “Go” in Sweden, that means I can drive forward.

It looks like Google is missing two in their logo after the two, Brazilian and Holland, have left the premises. So the logo is empty. So does this mean that all that is left is creative and managers, intuition and emotions at Google? Are they then in fact missing out on positive opportunities logically motivated? And then the Google team is only left with one part of intuition and emotions and not two, on top of lacking the positive opportunities given to them? Also the big blue G has alienated itself from the rest of the Google team that is left now when two have left the team.

So if we see to that there are references to the fact that the Google team, the Russian reference, Holland and Brazil, we could say that they are in different continents. They are in USA, South America, Asia and Europe. So the industrialized parts of the world we could say. So they need everyone on the team? All of the world needs to join to enter the grey zone and go green, perhaps even look backwards in history and start making up for all the mistakes that the Western society have made. Like I say, it is not the poor countries that are in debt to the rich, it is the rich that are in debt to the poor. We should firstly help the poor live alternative green lifestyles, in symbiosis with nature in eco-preserving systems. When we have helped then, first then we can help ourselves. So you all need to pack your bags, take the ball rolling and start thinking. You need all the continents by the way, not just the mentioned in the Google doodle.

Another way of analysing could be that the Cossacks are going backwards in time, instead of forward. That could be said about people who try to change things backwards instead of forward. The environment surely would need us to look in the rear mirror and see what we can do better.

Good luck with making the world a little bit better.

It is so funny that an image can give these associations, but it can. Images have so many meanings. “En bild kan säga mer än tusen ord”. (An image can say more than a thousand words).

As usual, find more interpretations and find your own truth. So did you find an analyse?