The red and blue planets – Google doodle analysis

Todays game is being played between Argentina, with light-blue and white stripes, and Holland with the red colour on the football field. This is the doodle analyses for what Google published for that game.

My first interpretation is that we are alienated from the planet, some hold on to the blue planet theory and others to the red planet theory. In this case blue alien holds on to keeping this blue planet, whilst others that do not care that much for the destruction of Mother Earth hold on to the idea of living on another planet, i.e. March, instead of keeping focus of the planet, both are out of focus, whilst we are all stuck in a bunker up in space (dreaming). None of the aliens are pushing any of the buttons, so nothing is really happening. An allegory is that the aliens are humans, all humans are aliens up in space, as long as they are nog grounded on our planet Earth, which in fact could mean that they are finally in focus with the planets well-being.

The Tv could be for focus on green fields, but in this case, not in form of soccer, just a reference to the Earth in the background.Aliens on todays Google doodle, 20140709

Aliens on todays Google doodle, 20140709

The aliens in today’s doodle are up in space watching us. They are both free aliens, watching the soccer game going on in the TV-screen behind them. They each cheer on their favourite team, they idolize them, since they have put up t-shirts in the front window. But in the back there is only one planet in front of them. The planet is Earth and it is a blue-green planet, full of water and nature. The free aliens are in control, they have all the equipment they need to steer this blue-green planet, if they would just stop watching the game and being part of the game instead. Now they are just steering it way up high, busy watching the game, instead of being part of it.

There are more symbols in the doodle and they can be read, but I decided to not visualise how I did it. But you probably heard of one pushes another and that one pushes three and so on. Suddenly all of the world has pushed the friction of understanding we are all on the same spaceship. We are not aliens on our own planet, we are residence of Earth. We all live here. We are in control, we just need to stop idealizing others and start playing the game ourselves. Take over control over our planet Earth.

The blue(turquoise colour on the alien) and the red are symbols for blue as in our blue planet perhaps. The red one is a warning for our red planet, March. We shouldn’t look at March, we should put all effort into Earth. This is our home world. Why are we even trying to go to march? To exploit another planet for minerals?

Do you know that our planet is a space ship? We are travelling in space every day, full-speed-ahead. We are all aliens up in space. Our home world is Earth.

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