Please shave your beard the soccer judge says – Google doodle analysis

Google doodle 20140708.
Google doodle 20140708.

This Google doodle has several meanings, but is very easy to understand.

“Shave yourself and get a job.”

“Time to remove the male manager.”

“This is the finnish line.”

“This is the start line.”

“This is where the line is drawn.”

“The judge has the ball.”

“Remove the beard.”

And the team, except the manager says please with their body language. The blue G instead has relaxed open arms, showing they are not hostile.

The judge, the yellow r, is handing over the tools to the Google team, in this case a safety-razor, it starts with the manager of the team, the blue big G.

In Sweden we have a expression when someone else asks you to shave they are really asking you to shave to get a job, or do something with your life. The Swedish expression is: “Raka dig och skaffa dig ett jobb.” That is often a term that has been used for the unemployed. Some think it is so easy to get a job. This is a kind of stereotype image of unemployed. If there are 10 unemployed on each available job, how are the other 9 supposed to get that job? New jobs need to be created in order for that to happen, just saying. It is also like laying over the burden on the unemployed for a society issue in many parts. The unemployed can only be expected to apply for jobs. They can be expected to go to interviews, and if getting a contract they can be expected to sign. If no jobs are offered and no other options are available, how is the person supposed to get a job? Just wondering.

The yellow r stands for positive opportunities that can be logically justified in the Six thinking hats process. Here the judge hands over the safety-razor. A razor can be illustrating several things. Like cutting someone off, from the expression “cut off the beard”. Since the person is in the team, it can also resemble cutting someone off the team. However in this case there is a video with Obama that he was saying “Cut off your beard” to a soccer player named Tim Howard. That is the only way that he is going to be able to meet all his fans at home, he says, according to

So if we see this as an allegory for the Obama incident then the judge is Obama. Obama is ruling the Google team and what they are supposed to do. Like small soldiers the oogle part of the team are standing in line, ready to do what Obama asks them to. The manager of the Google team seems to have been given a reprimand, to change his ways. Obama has handed over the Safety-razor, the tool, for change in the Google team. Obama has also drawn the line for were the cuts and changes are being made.

The r holds a blue spray. A Blue spray are used for i.e. lawn watering systems. So why is the spray blue? Perhaps the judge, Obama, is the one that has to make the lawn in the USA greener? USA better in other words.

A blue spray is also a spray for wounds on animals. So is Obama trying to fix the wounds in the USA? Wounds can be symbolic for healing.

Searching on “blue spray” also results in finding products that have blue spray cans on i.e. kickwax, hair colour, coloring sprays etcetera. It can be ideas that the new ideas just need to get stuck, it is just like changing hair color or repainting the walls. It all stands for changing something.

The ball is at the yellow r, it is he who must come with the ideas and present the ideas for change.

The green team member in the google team has a stripe. Is l blinde folded? Or is the green team member the operation(mission/object). The l wears green clothes and that can be operating clothes, military clothes as well as stand for the creative, alternative solutions in the Six thinking hats process. The green team member has a green stripe over its clothes(letter l), if I look up streck in the dictionary Nada KTH Lexin it says “let forget what happened” and “a unexpected chain of events”.

Is this a way of Google to apologize? Is this also ment that Google thinks that Obama should apologize to the soccer player for wanting him to shave off his beard?

I am thinking, what is this beard really? There are many religious people with beards. It is also a stereotype symbol for socialists. In Sweden there is a comedy act “Kom som du är”, were the female manager in a hotel has blue hair. The male character in the hotel doesn’t dare to ask her about her beard. One day an inspector comes along and says the building is being demolitioned. This is because they are not being able to pay their rent. The inspector also says that it is probably for the best, since they are so intolerant. The women in the blue hair disputes that and says she is the most tolerant person in the world. She argues that the hotels name is: “Come as you are (Kom som du är)”. Then she argues that she is an open person that accepts everyone – the normal she adds. Then the inspector asks if someone with a large potato nose would be welcome. We can see that she is thinking. She says yes to his suggestions, but she surely looks disturbed about it. Then the inspector argues that otherwise the hotel is smoked. No problems she says. Then a guest enters the door backwards, having to take her bags with her. The manager in the blue hair starts to say “Welc…”, but then she sees the women from the front. She has a beard. She just stands there and can’t finish the sentence, but the hotel employee says Welcome and asks the guest to come along. The inspector says, oh that was so… and he then says, but that doesn’t matter to you, does it? Good day, he says. The manager can still not get a word out of her mouth.

When the manager is alone with the employee she begs him to not say anything about the beard to the client. The manager is paralyzed when the bearded woman enters the room. She sits behind the counter and doesn’t know what to do.

The employee handles the situation. He shows the lady to the restaurant as wanted. He then says he will fix the eggs she wants. But in the kitchen he doesn’t find any eggs. He runs out to the manager, still not functioning. The employee says to her that she must tell the client that he is going to fix some eggs from the hen-house. She is stuck in her mind repeating: We do not have any eggs. When she gets there she says, unfortunately we do not have any… “What?” says the customer. The manager says: “Skägg”. In Swedish ägg(egg) and skägg(beard) sound the same. So that means Beard. So she says what she wasn’t supposed to say by accident, even if she corrects herself, it is too late.

The customer is already started to look at her. The client says that she doesn’t think it is proper that they are kidding about her looks. She makes the mistake once more, trying to apologize. She even asks her if they cannot start over? The client says she thinks that sounds odd, but she plays along.

When the manager enters the kitchen to redo it everything, the employee comes along with the eggs. She tells him that she made a mistake, but she is aiming to correct it once more. She argues being so tolerant and that it is only beard. When she is talking she accidentally places her hand in brown sauce of some sort. Then she uses her hand in her face, so that it looks like a beard. The employee tries to tell her, but she doesn’t listen. She says it seems sensitive with the beard. Then she walks out to the client. However, not listening to the employee. The employee goes after her whispering: “It looks like a beard.” The client hears it and brings it up for discussion. The manager says she has never even thought about that. The client leaves, unhappy and says that was the last drop.

The client wants to check out from the hotel. What happened to her? The manager says. I had just gotten used to the beard. Go and get her she says. The employee runs after her. When they are outdoors he has catched up with her and he asks her to stop. He explains that the hotel manager wants her to stay. The manager is listening, but doesn’t really hear what they are saying. We are not let know what reason he tells her, but the client say “oh, so that’s why?” The client seems happy and says: “Oh, now I understand, but that was the worst fake beard I have seen.”

The manager stands behind the hotel desk. The client walks up to her. She says: “how cute, your apprentice told me, but you cannot be as I am, only a few get a beard. We are all different and you are nice just as you are.” So then the intern (that I have called employee before I knew he was an apprentice) explains: “So now I have told everything, so now the hotel is saved.” (They had a close down threat hanging over the hotel). The client says that is right and that she would like to stay and eat eggs with the hotels owner, but on one condition, that she shaves. Cake is supposed to be on the plate and on not in the face.” The manager had accidentally put the cake sauce on her face like a beard, without her knowing it. The manager looks in the mirror and gets scared. Then she says: “how nice”. And uses her hands to say they look the same. The next day comes. The client leaves just when the inspector has arrived. She can now give the inspector the missing money. Afterwards she hangs an image of the bearded lady on the wall and then she says: “imagine I know all the normal people and not the abnormal.” The end of that story.

Well. Strangely enough I found this film by searching from clues in the Google doodle. So what is the key core in this film? Probably you already now. What we define as normal is normal. What we define is abnormal is abnormal. We decide what we consider the norm.

So in this case the judge, the yellow r, decides that is time to cut away the old, to change. But then again, are the Google team up to that, or are they just soldiers doing what they are told? Why should a judge tell them what they should do? In the film the manager finally accepts the bearded women as she is. Shouldn’t the judge then do the same?

This is a balance. It is up for discussion. On the table. What is the new normal? Why does there even have to be a new normal? Why not let the manager keep his beard? Doesn’t the judge accept him as he is? This is tricky. There is nothing wrong with the G having a beard, so what, he is different from the rest of the team, so is the green l with the stripe as well.

The color yellow can mean several things. It can be a signal color. It can be more than meets the eye. I do not think one person can alone decide the rules, but I think one person can argue why the others should agree. I believe in democracy, were everyone is welcome and part of the team. A valuable piece of the puzzle. One regular person alone cannot have all the answers. The regular person can only argue for its point of view and then it is up to the other’s to decide if they are for or against or somewhere in the middle. We all have to interpret the world based on our knowledge.

So is the white line a starting line, or a line that this all ends here? It depends on your outlook at life. Either it ends here, or it starts her. Is today the beginning of the rest of your life? Personally I prefer beginnings and not endings. We are however keeping our memories, and those shape our personalities. We all have our luggage. Some have a light baggage and other’s have a lot. I think there are reasons for each and everyone’s luggage, that is why you all are such big actors in this puzzle. Everyone has a place. Everyone. Some are lost and have not yet found their places.

Some will still make mistakes, nobody is perfect, even though one can always strive forward. I still struggle each and everyday. I know I continuously make mistakes, after all I am only human. I am not perfect. I have never been. I have yet not met a perfect human being, since I do not know the definitions of it. I do not even think there is. Ideas are never solid, that is why I say the world is grey. Not in a sense that it is boring, no I mean that it isn’t black or white. It is a mix of shades in the spectrum.

All the Googler’s are on the same field and the r is creating a line, that also could be seen as a boarder, a start of a beginning. So what do you want it to be? Do you have more options or solutions?

As usual, please think for yourself.


TV-program (2012) Hotell Kom som du är : Jag som är så tolerant!