Green and red VW Beetle – Convert – Google doodle analysis

I know that the old Beetle is designed by Volkswagenverk. Volkswagen became every mans car back in the days it came out on the market. The market exploded and now many of us have one or two cars in Industrialised countries, even me. I have however bought a smaller, less all-consuming car, but what I really wanted was for a bio-car to have the same cost as this one. I wanted really a solar cell driven car, if I could have chosen. Endless power, the sun gives us each day.

This is a signal from Google, a road sign, to all of us. Wrapped in yellow lines remind us or boarders between countries, social classes, genders, ethnic groups and so on.

G is pronounced: Ge. If I then read Ge in Swedish it means give. Give green car. And since we called the Beetle for “folkvagn” (people’s wagon) it turns out to. Give green car to the people. Play ball with the Germans. Playing and sharing the ball creates new ideas. The red car has the colours that “do not drive here”. So give green cars to the people, think how we can make the old dangerous cars better for our Earth. Since both cars have boarders, we should all do this over the boarders. We need both teams. We need everyone. All this in a Google doodle.

Green car and red car. Google doodle 20140708.
Green car and red car. Google doodle 20140708.

In todays doodle we have a green VW to the left. Brazil has due to demands from a truck company waited to long to change the transport system to sustainable energy sources. So in this doodle there is also this message to Brazil. Brazil – give green cars, warning for the old cars.

I know the transport industry comply to all regulations we citizens put up for them. The engineers there then invent what we demand. We drive their development. The public can demand energy friendly transportation. Products created by the top soil in our environment. We shouldn’t just be focused on cars and trucks.

I think that fossils shouldn’t be used at all, nor should minerals be used in the industries. They only cause war, suffering and endless sorrow. They leave mother Earth bleeding, crying out dispar, which affects us in body and mind. I do not think it is eco-friendly to throw away our cars, but I think that all car companies should be held accountable and we should demand replacement engines to renewable energy sources to existing car parks and trucks. We should go towards green technology, just like the Brazilian green car says. The other German car to the right is red and I think that is a warning about us using the fossil fuels. The German flag adds to the old Nazi-Germany warning also. So there are many meanings in this Doodle. That we shouldn’t be stuck in the old days, with the old fossil fuels. We have all these new inventions, why not put them at test. Start working over boarders, forming teams. Helping each other. Red also makes me think of blood. Cars a good symbol for blood, oil, war and so on. The VW was used during the 2:nd world war. The car uses gas, that kills innocent people in Africa. Textile workers in Asia have to work long hours with low pay in order to create the nice car seats. Even fossils have to be used in the seats. The metal is taking away our legacy, our grand nature is being exploited. In Sweden we exploit our wonderful treasures – the high mountains.

Google wants us to play ball and think. Think how we can merge the green technology with the old car. Make all old cars green. That is sustainable, not creating a totally new car park. Cars should be build to last long. I have a lot of ideas, after all I have worked for one of the largest. They know how to build transports. I also have ideas. I would like all cars to be converted to sustainable energy sources, even existing cars . The public must demand it, so that they can get the legislation for it right. Legislation will reform the transport industries all over the world. In order for people to get the new engines that has also to be arranged, people should over a time-period convert to the new energy sources for engines. Cars with old technology shouldn’t be allowed to be used. The old cars would have to be rethought and reconstructed by the vendor. When new technologies come cars could be improved. Why change a car just because? Why not just change one part of the car of existing cars? Make the existing car park eco-friendly?
We have forgotten how to live with nature. We have forgotten how to balance. We have forgotten how to talk to nature. My senses say that it is that behind the increased heat, among the fossil uses of oil and gas. My gut feeling tells me this.

All you world leaders – you place money on guns, heavy machinery, why not take a new step for mankind? Out with the old – in with the new.

Let’s start a company to convert all engines to sustainable energy sources. Technologies exist, now we just got to convert them to the existing car parks. Who’s with me?