Pakistani relatives killed a daughter with stones

What kind of family values are on display when we have to read about Pakistani relatives that killed a daughter that had married the man that she loved? It seems like the relatives wanted to control her. She was a women. Killing someone for marrying her love – they must have seen her free love as a threat to their family, why did they otherwise stone her to death?

I wonder what kind of families see love as a threat? She was unmarried, she found someone she loved and she married him. What concern is that for her family? She loved him, wasn’t that acceptable enough?

Since this ain’t the first time women are controlled and married off in history this shows our current “modern” world isn’t so modern after all. Over periods in history women has been controlled in many ways. Bound in clothes, bound in households and bound in marriages not of their choice. We still live in traditions and are stuck in history. We are just bound differently. Some things are higher controlled in different societies. In Sweden we used to be “livegna”, I would say workers were slaves, owned by the patron. Bound to a work place they had not chosen. We got food over our heads and food on our table. But back in those days we couldn’t move as we pleased. We were traded between the manors. I think it still is the same in Sweden in many ways.

Companies are still being sold, companies have workers. The workers are traded as well, just like slaves. We have no real authority over stock holders decisions. Companies are ruled by a stock market, were companies have manipulated the robots to increase and decrease the value of stocks. If they want a high price for stocks they are increased. I.e. if they want a low price on the stock it can be so that they may want to buy all shares. What focus a company should have is also totally out of control for the workers. How many times haven’t we said what was and boss’s have just run over you. I have even been asked to lie. I have never lied, however I have shut up. I spoke up to the manager, but not the costumer, just out of loyalty as expected from any employee. I may wonder why. They have never been loyal to me. They haven’t always treated me with respect. Still I have, just like a slave that takes off its hat and does what the patron says. What kind of world is that? Today we might be able to leave the company, but still we are livestock. We are dependent on salaries. I have, interestingly enough, had the same owners in the companies I have worked for a couple of times. So the same rich people have been behind many companies I have worked for. The same rich families, or clubs or rich circles of people. I have never been able to control my career. I have never had the control in my deck of cards. I haven’t been able to control promotions. I have been able to control other than how I complete my tasks.

So, we might have run away for a while from one company, just to end up at another and realise it is the same owners once again on top. We might have run from one company and ended up a good place, just to realise the company is getting sold… to what? One of the previous owners. On top of this the owners are controlling in some places. Some to the extent that the contracts feel like they are buying a slave. I once worked for a company with a contract that made them own all of your intellectual property rights, even your private photo’s depending on how the contract is written. Dare speak up, if you dare. I did, I couldn’t accept such a contract. Imagine not owning your own blog posts, private photo’s and your private solutions or inventions in your spare time. But then again, to have to risk food, roof over your head, or should I say comfort – do you dare to speak up? If you do not, isn’t there something wrong with such a system. Why are we so afraid? I am not afraid, but then again, look were I am at. Unemployed. Worth shit to no-one. Being a truth sayer has never been good, not in Sweden. I am so sorry to say that, but I do not like the job market anymore. I have somehow given up. I am actually afraid of employers. Even I have been badly treated by bad employers, I do not have to live in a third world country to experience mistreatment. My friends have seen it. I have worked with them. They know what they did to me. They cared. That is why they are my friends. That is why I hold on to them. I need them to survive. We need others to survive. At least I do. That is why I cannot understand how people are mistreating employees all over the world. I ace inside when I read about textile workers working long days, not being able to be with their families. That is why I ace when I have to read that oil companies are exploiting poor countries, even though they are so rich. This is why I give, I still have more than them. That is why I give as moral support to others that are in need.

We shouldn’t let bad employers even be allowed to use employees. We shouldn’t hinder us from speaking our mind. The systems failure to support ideas makes people not going after their goals. I think studying should be free. Taking loans scares many talented people away from studies. It hinders diversity. In some religions they do not even allow interest loans. If they have no support from their surroundings they might not continue school. I think that college and university students in Sweden should have paid education. I have no solution how, but that is what I think we should have. How is another question for some smart people to figure out. I think the current system hinders the Swedish state from further development. Sweden is stuck in old habits. In the old days the rich only got an education. Then came the student loans. I, from a workers family, had to get student loans. The rich enough kids do not have to get student loans. My sibling has no student loans, I wouldn’t let my sibling take any. My siblings partner has no loans, his parent paid his and his siblings studies. They have no loans for studies that is like a backpack you have to carry with you for a long time. I do not like loans. I do not like interests. I do not like the fact that a bank owns my house. I do not like the fact of many things. Most things I am unhappy about are financial institutes, institutes, organisations and companies. I am even unsatisfied that elections are not democratic, but that is another article.

I want the state to support us to turn to a green eco-friendly country. And we should then pass it on and make others follow us. Sweden should be a role model and show that it is possible to have a completely poison free sustainable eco-friendly country. We shouldn’t sell out our rights to exploit (utsläppsrättigheter) like the Alliance (parties ruling) did when we Swedes had started to live more sustainable. The Alliance sold our rights to exploit, they sold what we Swedes had saved. What kind of message does that send? The Alliance are setting a bad example. Then we own companies, the tax payers of Sweden, that are not eco-friendly in other countries. We should make them sustainable as well. Everything we have been good at here we should do in our other affairs as well. Any country should do the same.

One hand feeds the poor in Africa, but turns its back on the sick and elderly in Sweden. One hand says we should have freedom to choose schools…. but then again who can travel all day? The students get long days, when not being able to live in the neighbourhood with the good school. Not living in the same area as the school has it problems, you cannot really be participating in your friends activities after school if you live in another areas. You can, but then you will have longer days. Less time to study. That is unequal. Also going to school with élite kids that have everything does something with you as a kid.

As a kid you have not yet developed a sense that stuff ain’t worth anything for real. But you see what the other kids have… and you know you cannot get it. It creates strange reactions to often. Some get money hungry and driven. Others give up. Some see the unequalness and try to do something. Whatever we do… it is unequal from the beginning.

The current politics has driven social classes away from each other. Income differences are more visible. Some friends are millionaires. It shows. They travel abroad, go to exotic locations many times per year. Or perhaps live in nice locations. Buy only eco food. Work without pay with charity. They can afford it. I see the differences. Some friends are poor. I have to buy christmas presents to their kids. I sometimes have to buy food and stuff their kitchen. I see the differences. I am in the middle. I know what it is to be poor. I had to work on the side of my studies from the age of 13. That was the money I could use to go to movies, or any other things I wanted to attend.

I was offered to come inside to the rich kids houses when I was younger. I was offered a place with people with money. I have had some rich friends, that lived in fancy houses and had parents with top jobs. But in the end I left. I didn’t continue the friendships. I was friends, but then I just went off and did something else. I feel so alienated from rich people. I have a hard time identifying myself with them, I find so many of their values of those that I have meet in those parts of society so wrong. I can appreciate the comfort, but … growing up poor a period of my life made me have different values. I can never be one of the rich kids, no matter if my bank account was filled with money. I still have my old values, no matter what is on the bank account. I am not one of them, even if I was offered a way in. I just cannot leave the poor behind. I just cannot. I cannot live like a billionaire and know that others in my country are not being able to pay their bills. But the rich in Sweden they can. They can turn their backs towards societies working classes. If they couldn’t Sweden wouldn’t have unemployed. Something inside me prevents me from being rich.

I could stop caring, I could stop writing and just do… whatever. But I do not want to. I do what I want in the end in some parts. So what do you do? Do you repeat history to?

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