Costa Rica vs. Holland – Two-toad sloth and Lion kept in a zoo – Google doodle analyse

This is Costa Rica vs. Holland. This is a Google doodle analyse. Originally my article turned into 3,5 pages, but I cut out so it wouldn’t be so long.

A two-toad sloth.

They used the same animals as earlier when these countries have played before.

Google doodle. Costa Rica vs. Holland. 5/7 2014.
Google doodle. Costa Rica vs. Holland. 5/7 2014.

Now it is Holland vs. Costa Rica. The lion is for the Dutch. The two-toad sloth is for the Costa Rica’n. The lion lies on a green field; it isn’t a colourful green, more olive green. Like in previous doodle the lion looks the same, with an orange sweater. The background is beige. The tree to the right is not brown, it is military green, or mossgrönt as I would say in Swedish. That actually means moss green. In front of the tree there is a football. In the bottom of the tree it looks like there is a mouse hole. In front of the mouse there is a football in the colours green and yellow, as in most of the doodle during the world championships. On the tree at the top of the image there is a darker green oval. There is also in the lower part of the tree a lighter green cloud like shape. Is the two-toad sloth in the clouds? Reference to the technology clouds, that many are using today.

Behind the tree there is a black line. It looks like a power line. The two-toad sloth is holding on to the black power line. It holds the Costa Rica flag in its hand. It waves it slowly. Is it cheering cloud technology that it has above its head in a figure of speech.
The background doesn’t make it look like they are in nature, more a zoo. So are the football players just like the zoo animals, just for entertainment? It could also be a desert. So it has double meaning. The double meaning says that there is a big difference being in a zoo than being out in the free wilderness, even if it is a harsh environment like a desert. However if they are in a zoo, they are looked after. If they are out in the wilderness they have to take care of themselves. But I think it more looks like a zoo, since I associate the black line, that the two-toad sloth hangs at, as artificial. I know of no black lianas, but perhaps there is. So I am not dismissing the other either.

Well. Then we have the odd green tree. The green tree could associate to Acer pensylvanicum syn. A. striatum.That tree has green boals when they are young. Later on they also get white stripes. A fallen tree can get moss on it, then it also turns green. Acer and power cable can be associated to all technology dependent on power cables. You know you can make a network with only power? This way you can communicate with any software. Don’t imagine for a minute the power grid doesn’t have bigger ones. Just saying.

The lion has its stripes, just like the ribbon for people that support US troops (also the flag of Holland). The two-toad hoe also supports the US troops (also the flag of Costa Rica). It doesn’t look like it has ears, they are camouflaged.

The moss green tree is also connected to the power cable. The cable and the tree form a cross symbol to the two-toad sloth arm. The cable is round, like the piece of a circle. Perhaps 1/5 of it is visible. If we see the circle as a divider, then the oval shape is inside the circle. The oval could be a mandola. The lion is also laying on an oval shape, or a mandola. Mandola is a symbol for Christ in icons. However there is no Christ in the Mandola, so I dismiss that reference. The two-toad sloth is closer to the circle than the lion. The paw of the lion looks like a scope. The tail of the lion almost looks like a parrots shape. The lion has three white claws. The lions ears are shaped like triangles. The lion is bigger in size, the two-toad sloth is smaller. The two-toad sloth has all four paws outside the front side of the cable. The paw that the two-toad sloth waves is higher up than the other paws. The two-toad sloth has an eye mask, just like super hero’s have. The slow two-toad sloth is waving the flag.

Interestingly enough the tree that has green boals is named Acer. The Acer is the label of a computer. The computers are connected to the the power lines, in order to function. The tree could also be a symbol for a telephone pole. The mouse’s have the ball. The mouse’s can listen in the telephone poles.

Suddenly the animation comes on!!! The shade of the mandola shaped lion shadow changes to a minimal shade more as the lion. The lion is out in the sun and not in the shadow anymore when it is playing. One could say that the animations ball loops itself. In programming you can create loops. Loops can end up crashing a system.

When the animation comes on the ball rolls from the whole to the lion. The lion kicks the ball. It aims for the oval shape in the tree. Every second the ball goes in the whole. When it goes in it creates the geometric triangular shape. Every second time the two-toad sloth defends the whole and the ball doesn’t go in. The two-toad sloth creates an N. And the triangular shape creates a D. DN is the order in which the letter go. DN is rolling the ball? Ke? In Sweden it is a Swedish newspaper. I do not see what that has to do with it, but I associate to that. Media. Since I read I cannot get any good hits on Google. Their algorithm gives me suggestions on my intentions, which I am not found of. I find that totally messed up. Google shouldn’t try to guess the users intentions. Unfiltered hits would be the right thing. Filter the search words and topic, nothing else. It seems like DN has managed to get all the hits on Google (for the letters DN) and other search engines for us Swedes. That feels really strange.

The G is blue, as well as the small g. The letter l is green and the e is red. Balance is red, and has the colour of a warning and a stop sign. The l is military green. The G and g are blue and serious. In six thinking hats the blue stands for the thinking process. The green stands for the creative, solution process. The red stands for intuition and feelings. The rest of the letters are missing in the doodle. White, yellow, black are missing in this picture. Yellow would have been logical possible options, black are risks and threats, white represents information and facts.

The lion’s eyes follow the ball. They are owned by Bonnierkoncernen in Sweden. That is no news to me. This I know. They have ruled the paper since 1909. This I learned at school in the 20th Century. Bonnierkoncernen is owned by the Bonnier family since the 19th Century. They own a lot of the Swedish media, even book publishing companies and other newspapers. The owners are all billionaires. They are integrated all over the media sphear. But none of this is news to me. They are in movies, in news, in books, well everywhere really. Media is considered one of the power factors in the world. We call media in Sweden the third power factor.

So the google doodle this time made me associate to lions kicking the ball, two-toad hoes protecting the whole. Why this reference Google? Do they not think of how it turns out? We all know how the association turns out here. I am not even going to say it. Every now and then the lion gets the ball in the whole (goal). But every fifthly percent of the time the two-toad hoes kick the ball off the field. The two-toad hoe is hanging on to a power cable, whilst the lion lies on the badly coloured grass. So the lion follows the ball like a well-trained zoo animal, just there for amusement.

If I add the DN shaped scoring letters that come from the shape when the lion kicks the ball into the whole I associate to Media is a power factor. With media you influence the public opinion. A lot of media is owned by a few very rich families all over the world. So when media sets to it, we are just animals in a zoo. They check our every move. Technology today is made to be tracked. However, the one that knows how, may modify tracking records and mask themselves as someone else. You only need the hardware keys and the knowledge to do it. This is a 100% fact.


I do not like a lot of things with technology actually. I do not like current technologies in their current shape that is. I do not like technology when it takes over people’s focus. I do not like technology when it is telling it all. Google says “Do no evil”, but I do not think they live up to that slogan. Sorry, but you don’t. So Google why did you choose two-toad hoes as the animal for Costa Rica? That they are evil? The evil sign is two fingers with space in between. But being evil applies to Google to. Google filters the users all content, as well as YouTube does. Very annoying. VERY!

The money then all goes into the hands of the rich. A elite controlling, manipulating you and me. Start to see. Start to react. You are just a laboratory animal. However I guess I have never been very good at comply. Why follow the stream? Extremely boring.

I haven’t bothered to look up the lion symbol, you can read what they mean in other doodles. But I chose to let the lion be a symbol for people living in crowds. I haven’t bothered looked to look up what a two-toad hoes could stand for, but they are rather slow creatures. So are humans living in pacts and being slow creatures? Meaning reacting to slow? I chose to let the the tree be the tree of life. For further depth check the other doodles and search for other meanings as well. If you follow the DN Lion in the search engines you end up at Snoop Lion – Reincarnation. I feel it references to the fact that history repeats itself. This loop of destruction we are in may end up in us crushing the eco-system. That can also be connected to the animation itself being a loop. Humanity keeps on making the same mistakes all over again.The fact that the doodle looks like animals in a zoo or a desert doesn’t really give us wonderful green nature. The tree is hollow. The tree is often a symbol for the tree of life. So are our lives hollow and meaningless just like animals in a ZOO?

The top try to rule the bottom and just modify the ways to do it. And we just do it like zoo animals. Snoop Lion is wrong when he sings about one king – one religion and so on. That sounds like some kind of Armageddon. There is no Armageddon. The only threat is environmental and people in conflicts in unstable countries. Territorial aspects. We need to coexist. Simple as that. Diversity, not making everyone the same. That is totally wrong. We need to be unique.

By the way Holland won the soccer game.