Milad Mohammadi

This is a YouTube film with Milad Mohammadi. I have written what he speaks about in this article. Not word by world, since I wrote it while he was talking. But I have summarized most of his speech, or the “meaning” in some parts.

He holds a speech why he wants to live for what he does and why he fights for what he believes in. He speaks from his heart. He says that to many people do not talk from their heart. He wants you to realise your dreams and to make the world a better place.

He is born in Iran. He is young. He moved to Sweden, to live a better life. When he was small he had a tough time and he felt bad. He was to heavy weight, was very shy and all that. He lived in Västerås in a million program area. He often thought what is wrong with him. He wondered why he had no friends. Is this Sweden? Fuck Sweden. There was nothing for him. He felt real bad.

One day his dad came home and said he had lost his job. When his daddy lost his job his daddy stopped functioning as a father. There was no documentary to explain why his daddy felt so bad. He decided at that moment he had two choices. He either was going to kill himself or be the best person he could be. He thanks his mother and says she means a lot for him. He says his mom is the best in the world, no matter what you think. She can get anything she wants. It takes at the most 1 hour. She can return a 10 year old product without a receipt. She said that he shouldn’t feel sorry for himself, she said that didn’t matter since there were people worse off than him. 40% of the world population do not have modern facilities like running water. Life doesn’t give you what you want. Deserve it. Work hard for it.

Society didn’t back them up. So they worked 1000 times harder than others. He ended up in ABB High school. All were computer nerds. He said that the most important thing is role models. They have all had a good backup parent. Not everyone has that.

A teacher asked: What do you want to become Milad? A question we find difficult.

He said he wanted to be a role model and have his passion in the center. He wanted to be able to stand in front of people. If people hold a open mouth they are attracted, and if they tilt their head to the left they are interested.

Milad, if you couldn’t lose – what would you want to do with your life? What makes your time disappear? Stress. What ever. We all have something. Milad, when you die, what do you want to be remembered by? What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?

People that have followed their passion in life have changed the world. He mentions Astrid Lindgren, Bruce Lee and so on. What would they have done if they had not have done what they did?

He said he wanted to study double at the university. He wanted blue license plates. He wanted to move to Stureplan. It never happened. But he moved to Stockholm. He started to study law. He in a hoodie and they in nice clothes. It went fine. They knew nothing. But they were going to rule the world. He thought it was good. They need more mixed students in such programs.

He didn’t dare to come too late, he came first and went home last. He did small steps every day, just like Aristoteles. Everyone wants to be Zlatan, but do not dare train as much.

Many people are numb and they do not live their life to the fullest. People live online. He mentions the online forums. They watch TV. They see the same reruns year after year. How many smile outdoors? Very few. People follow trends, instead of breaking them.

To the youth he says, do you want to win the lottery or create your own life? They said: win the lottery.

Fear is the driving force in school. Fear controlled him. He went to Thailand. He fled. Trained Thai boxing 6 hours per day. He introduces Per, his best friend. They lived together. He changed his Facebook password, so he had no contact with anyone.

He took his double exams in 3,5 years. He finished school.

Honestly? What do you want to work with? I want to work with those that have nothing. Those that live on the border. Often they are not ethnic Swedish. He ended up on YouTube.

There a Swedish man tells his vision to the world. 1968 he was a person working within the school system. He made nazis and immigrants work together. He founded Fryshuset.

Fryshuset became his second home. They see potential in diversity. That is a resource. They want to believe in you. They want to fight for this. 12th January 2012 he ended up in a demonstration. He is in the front and everyone screams what he screams. He sees a good-looking girl that he wants to impress. They demonstrated against Carl Bildt.

He asked for the photo’s she took and become a friend with her on Facebook. Together they started a soup kitchen.

They want to change people’s attitude towards homeless, addicts and so on. Many ask what drives him? Why fight for others?

He asks the public: Why do you do what you do? Why do you go to school, or why are you lazy, why do you do what you do in your spare time? Many questions are repeated.

The real power comes from: WHY?

The biggest fear in people he has meet is the fear of failure. We give a stigma on faults. If you do wrong, you even might end up in jail.

This hinders you. If you are afraid, you are not going to risk going after your dreams. You rather learn by other people’s mistakes than do your own. But if you are not ready to follow your passion…. then life is what it is.

Chinese rice farmer had a mother and a lot of horses. Everyone comes to the mother and says she was so unlucky. She said: Luck? Unluck? I do not know. The next day they come home back again, this time with wild horses. The same is said by the others in the village. She said Luck? Unluck? I do not know. When her son rides one of the wild horses he breaks a leg. Again the people say: Oh you are so unlucky. She says: Luck? Unluck? I do not know. The next day war starts. They come to draft men. Her son cannot be drafted. So it continues.

The sense moral is how you see on things in life. Perhaps there is a purpose to everything you experience?

He talks about the inventor of the light bulb. He made mistakes, but thanks to that he invented 200 other things in the room they are in.

We live in a unfair world. Very few follow their passion. More important to be “good” than to do your thing.

To many do what others do. It is okay, if that is what you really want.

Milad is 23 years old(2013). He is Swedish. Many think he has too much confidence. He says people think he has charm. People laugh at him because he is different, but he laughs at them for being the same. People think he is a Al quaida or a pizza maker. But his mother knows he is the star in his Hollywood movie.

He wants people to be hungry on life and feel good. He wants people to live good lives. He says we need to work together for a better world. He wants to start the best high school in the suburbs before he turns 30. He needs 10 million to do it. If everyone in his audience would give him 23 000SEK/person he could do that.

He also invites to speak to individually to everyone in the audience. He ends with thanking them for listening.

Added info: For those that do not know – he got the money. His school will start.

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