Kylie and Nick with Where the wild roses grow

Here Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave sing the song Where the wild roses grow.

This video contains a lot of symbols and I find the story very easy to analyse from an academic point of view. This video is very planned and it is very easy to interpret for me due to that. They use symbols. Here are some of the contents in this video listed:

River = destruction, connection, sacrifice, joy, life, stream. According to Symbolism Wiki a calm river can symbolise  weakness, or being steady and calm. It also represents forever and eternal.
Red rose = you are my everything, I count the days til we meet again.
Man =
Women =
Corpse = death, bad news
Murder story = mortality, time passes
Swimming snake = Yin, knowledge, both sides: god and evil, human power
Rabbit = a rabbit lives underground and above, can be found all over our planet, on all continents, symbol for rebirth, associated to Eastern traditions in Christianity. For aztecs it was a symbol for Centzon Totochtin, drunkeness, parties and fertility. In part of Africa the rabbit is a symbol for a trickster. In Chinese folklore it is associated with the Lunar Year and Moon. It is a symbol for good luck. Jewish folklore sees a rabbit as a coward. In Korea and Japan the rabbit represents living on the Moon making rice cakes. Vitnamese consider it to be a symbol of innocence.
Neckless = She wears a cross on the neckless, a symbol for Christan belief.
Red ribbon = In Swedish Lucia wears a read ribbon as the symbol for blood.
Cross = A Christian symbol for Christ. The number 10 in Chinese. Addition symbol in mathematics.
Story about the third day = Often things happen on the third day in the Bible, there are many passages about the third day. Often it is a gathering, coming or leaving that happens, but some kind of change seems to be the same thing on the third day. We could say it marks another direction.
Story about a martyr word = A martyr is someone who is subject to persecution, according to Wikipedia. A martyr is often considered holy.
Story about a kiss = Judas kisses Jesus when handing him over to authorities, in the Bible. The Sleeping Beauty is awakened by a kiss in the Sleeping Beauty saga (Törnrosa).
A ceremony = a ritual that people do for special events.
White dress = Symbolises death in Japan and Africa. Symbolises marriage in the West. Symbolises innocence. It looks like silk. Silk was in history only for high ranking people in the past, people considered important. In Sweden it was forbidden for a common man to dress in silk and other nice materials as well.
Underwear = In Dream moods they suggest that being in your underwear in a dream can be to reveal something you are ready to reveal, or if you feel ashamed then it can be the feeling of lost respect for you. DreamBible suggests underwear represents personal beliefs and wishes. It can also be about self-awareness in the sexual field. In some religions, sects, cults and such underwear are part of rituals. According to Wikipedia underwear is part of the Latter Day Saints endowment ceremonies. The underwear most be worn a certain number of days and when entering a temple.The underwear of the special kind are considered sacred.
Red hair = is more rare than black hair. Only 1-2% of the Earth population has red hair. A stereotype image is that they are considered fiery tempered. A study showed that red haired were more sensitive to thermal pain than people with other hair colours, according to Wikipedia. During the Elizabethan era red hair was in fashion. According to Wikipedia the word red head is used for White people in some countries in Asia. In Spanish culture red hair in icons represents Judas. Maria Magdalena is common to portray in red hair.
brown hair = Is the second most common hair colour on this planet, according to Wikipedia. Mona-Lisa is portrayed with brown hair. A stereotype idea is that brown haired are stable, serious, smart and sophisticated, according to Wikipedia.
White shirt =
A story about a rock in his fist = Often in stories, i.e. the Bible, people are stoned when punished. However Jesus sees a crowd wanting to throw stones on a women and he askes the first one without sin to cast the first stone. However noone does, since noone is without sin, not even Jesus.
Wild roses = Quote: “In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret — derived from this ancient Roman practice.”, or in ancient Greek and Roman it was the symbol for the goddess of love. In Arabia the “Sufi master Jilani is known as “the Rose of Baghdad”. Many today give red roses to loved ones. The rose it the national symbol of England. A red rose is often a symbol for political party of socialists and social democrats. The red rose often stands for love and compassion in many countries all over the globe.
Elisa Day = God is my oath Day
two stories = There are always two sides to a story. We all see the world from our own perspective.
Trees = Tree of life.
A ring = According to lovetoknow the ring represents either social status, religious expression or romantic attachment.
Nature = The natural order of things.
Man kneeling = Someone who submissions. Also a Western tradition when proposing marriage.
Red lips = For some it is fearlessness. For others it is confidence, to dare to stand out in a crowd.
White glows = Micheal Jackson used to wear one white glow. According to sermonies for newly initiated free-masons contain white glows. Wiki answers says it can be purity and goodness. Only royalty, high ranking people were in the 14th Century allowed white glows, so it was a way to differentiate people of status, according to
Field of flowers hanging in the air =
Black pants =
Water = According to Symbolism Wiki water can symbolise change.
Stone = A common symbol in the Bible for when Jesus sees a crowd of people that wants to stone a women. Jesus says the first person without sin should cast the first stone. None do, though non are without sin.
Story about the first day = The first day is new years day in all belief systems (but when this days happens is different between the belief systems)
Story about the second day = God made day and night in the Bible. There are other meanings to second day also in the Bible.
Story about the third day = Abrahams sacrifice of his son results in the son being resurrected the third day in the Bible. According to The symbolic significance the third day is often about restoration and resurrection.
Two parallel stories = There are two sides to a story, to versions of the truth. Each participant has their version of the truth.
Story about tears = sadness, grief, sorrow
Rose placed in mouth = According to quora the red rose in a mouth is a Hollywood adding to tango, and not there from the beginning. So could we say it is just a invention for amuzement? Also in history, sub rosa (under the rose), was for a secret, according to Wikipedia. So is the women under the rose a secret?

Feel free to continue. I haven’t given suggestions to all above or looked up everything. Use books, Internet, ask and search. Enjoy!


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