Google doodle analysis – Blåsorkester – Brass band

Let’s look at what kind of message this Google doodle really might be sending. As usual think for yourself. Do you see other clues? Make your own interpretation in the end.

Blåsorkester / Brass band. Google team. Google doodle 20140705.
Blåsorkester / Brass band. Google team. Google doodle 20140705.

The Google doodle today is the Google team as a Brass band (blåsorkester). They are like cheer leaders cheering on the bleacher(bench/bänken).

They have 2 trumpets(trumpeter), a French horn(valthorn) and 2 drum sets. A French horn was developed from the hunting horn.

The blue G is playing the French horn. It is difficult to play the French horn, according to SIBA.

The red o is blowing in a trumpet. The yellow o is standing in front of the bleachers and blowing in a trumpet and holding a red card. The red card means that you are off the soccer field if we are still talking soccer. The yellow is a signal colour. The little blue g plays the drums and dances in front of the bleacher. Blue is considered a serious colour. For the six thinking hats system the colours represent:

The red hat represents intuition and emotions. Yellow represents positive possibilities that are logical. Green represents the creative options as solutions. Blue represents a process, the thinking process. It can also manage.

The green l is still just reading a book and not being part of the orchestra being played. The green l is much more interested in reading instead. It’s a football on the book the l is reading. The green l has glasses, typical symbol for intellectual, or a bookworm. The bookworm is sitting down. The book is serious, after all it is blue. The green l isn’t moving away from the bleacher. The e is playing drums and dancing on the bleachers.

So to summarize. We have three whistle instruments (blåsinstrument), we have five dancers and two of the dancers are standing in front of the bleacher, the rest are standing on the bleacher. Only one isn’t dancin, nor playing any instrument.

The Goo creates a triangular shape. Assoicate that to yellow and red and it is warning sign on the streets. Gle creates a upward graph in shape. The big G is blowing the biggest whistle instrument, the French horn. Big G must be really skilled. I wonder why Google has made the “mouth” like it is blowing. It makes them look like they are sucking. The trumpet of the red o looks like it is in the G’s crouch and that makes it look like the red o is blowing the G’s penis. Perhaps that is a mistake at work for the graphic designer? The yellow o with waving the red card looks like it is blowing in the middle of the blue g’s face – you are out! The drum playing blue g keeps on playing anyways. The green l just sits quit and still and reads about soccer, perhaps finding creative materials. The red e is dancing and playing the drums on the bleacher.

So what do the Googler’s want to communicate with such a doodle? Blow jobs? Haha. I am so sorry. It was too much sucking in the trumpets and French horn and then the placement of the trumpet was just too much. This is probably the working class upbringing making all these associations… the academic me shouldn’t of course. But I want you to be yourselves, so why can’t I?

So what is the allegory, if my observations had been true? Well. It could very well have been that some in team suck up to others, whilst others just keep on working and don’t participate in the activities the others do, and they all do them differently, some stand on the bleachers, whilst others stand in front of them and dance. The green l is participating, by being present. So what are the Googler’s saying, that they are all part of the team, even if they play the game differently?


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