Google doodle analyse – Google cannot see all the trees because of the forest – Belgium vs. Argentina

­The Google doodle starts with an erratic image of two leaf trees that are blowing in the wind. The trees have four leafs visible, the rest are grouped in one unit. In front of the trees there is an outdoor movie screen. There is nothing more than static noise on the screen. The screen has the shape of a Ipad, or a handheld game console, but then again perhaps it is the Android TV it symbolises? There is no image visible. The antenna is pointing to the ground. The antenna is on the right side of the movie screen. In front of the screen there are flags in different teams standing still. They are dressed in light blue and black. The Argentinians are the light blue team and they have three white stripes and 2 blue stripes. The black ones are the team from Belgium. The black team has diagonal stripes. The stripes have the colours red and green. The lines are not seen as yellow, like the flag has. The flag doesn’t have diagonal stripes. Royalty have diagonal stripes on their dresses when doing representation. Here the Belgian team has gotten diagonal stripes, Belgium is a monarchy and therefore the reference seems valid. Argentina is a republic. The Argentinian president is a female and on the Wikipedia image she is wearing similar stripes as the royals do a so called cordon. In that image she is wearing a diagonal cordon. The team in the soccer game does not have those colours either. They have a dominant colour of red, with details in yellow and black on their soccer clothes. The Argentinian has the same colours of their flag on their sweater in the real soccer game on TV. The movie screen stands on two black legs. The two trees have been styled. The boles are shaped like snakes coming out from the ground. The woods in the background are shaped in hostile shapes. They look sharp. Snakes are known for tongues. A common expression is “sharp tongue”. So the background with trees and the trees boles create the association “vass tunga” (sharp tongue).

The wind is blowing really hard on the trees. The wind of change, even for Google. In Europe Google now has to remove content from search results if the person wants to remove information about themselves.

Argentina vs. Belgium. Google doodle animation 20140705.
Argentina vs. Belgium. Google doodle animation 20140705.

A light green, flag shaped person comes walks to the screen with a ladder. The light green, flag shaped, person walks up the ladder. When up the ladder, the person fixes the antenna. When the antenna is fixed there is an image of a green field. In the air we can see —- lines, I let them symbolise transmission is on. One line goes above the left tree and the other goes in between the trees on a lower level. The soccer field is not portrayed as usual. It is portrayed with a target, as if from a gun. The other stripes are not there, that are common on a soccer field. On both sides of the target there are five flags, with the same colours as of the crowd standing in front of the movie screen. On both sides the people are grouped in triangular shapes. The triangles are pointing in two directions. The left team points to the left. The right team points to the right. The soccer field is not exactly green; the grass is greener at the audience side in the doodle.

The trees in behind with, that are really sharp, they create the shapes “W W”. WW=World War.

The ball on the field is just in the target zone all the time. None of the teams are going after the ball. It looks like the ball runs in the shape of a N. It creates an N going up and an N going down. NN=N.N. stands for “I do not know the name”, unknown name. The ball doesn’t find its goal (target if we associate to the fact that we only see the target markers on the football field.

16 light blue characters in the audience. 14 black dressed in the audience. When the audience is jumping up and down and stands still, one light blue in the audience is out of focus. That is the only one that goes totally off screen when jumping.

The crowd is mixed with the supporters for both teams.

Isn’t it interesting that this doodle says WW in the backgrounds tree line and has trees with boals that has the shape of two snakes coming up from underground? In the middle they have portrayed a shooting target in the Android TV associating movie screen. However they cannot name the target and the public just cheers the ball not going to any of the teams. When the signal is lost the crowd loses their cheering and goes totally still.

So if Google is serious and wants diversified teams, they got to go to other groups than white and male Asians. There are many other ethnic groups and genders out there on the market. Perhaps it was sharp tongues that critic in media towards the fact that Google at handed out Android TV’s to male technicians at I/O conference this year and gave experienced female developers a three month long programming course. I think that was just wrong. It is a sort of stereotype world view and yes, media wages war against any company, no matter how big, if the corporations do not start treating people equal no matter what gender, social class, ethnic background, living area, correct language set, then Google just have to accept to be the target for critic themselves. As in the doodle – the Google public is mixed.

The teams on the soccer field only consist of two static teams, that do not take the ball. Those could very well be the Google teams white and Asian males that are in majority at Google. None of them take on the “gender”-ball and try to see to that they start recruiting according to diversity, just as the mixed audience has.

Google has to have some self critic. Afterall, they are a large IT corporation. They need to see they are far away from perfect. I think Google can do much better. I have followed Google in media for many years now. I also got information from my surroundings.

Well. Sometimes it becomes like this, I didn’t have to check that many things online. I just had to translate things mostly. I could have analyzed the trees, but I do not feel that was necessary in this doodle.

I haven’t analysed everything, like the tree, but I have written about that in earlier doodles. I haven’t analysed the forest. But in Sweden we have a saying. Man kan inte se skogen för alla träd. “One cannot see the forest because of all the trees.” I think that self-critic is good and Google should take it with them. One could also say lost in the woods. So the miss with the Android TV was Google getting lost in the woods.

The green colours that dominate are also a bad green, the green looks like vomit, or bad poo. So does this mean that the grass is greener outside Google? Afterall the grass is much greener outside the movie screen. And also real environment, with real nature it’s greener than any screen could ever offer. Mother nature is amazing. You just got to see it.

The reference to 2:nd World War(WW and the 2 trees) is in the doodle.

For a 3rd World War I think the solution for peace and a non violent world would be a world were everyone has a voice, were every person knows they are worth something. We are all equal puzzles of this game. It is the public voices that need to be heard. The bottom should rule the top and not the other way around. It is a the world that lives in symbiosis with the nature, symbolised by the forest and the green fields in the doodle. The people in the doodle are gathered together and mixed on the field. They all cheer together. They do not fight. They coexist. They do not hold war against each other.

The top in this case are the people on the screen. They are not grabbing the ball to create a equal place for each and everyone. They do not know who the target is. The target of this world. Or why not, the focus. They cannot seem to get the right focus.

They fixate that a small portion of people should lead the development of our planet Earth.

They do not know who should create a world in peace and harmony. The solutions do not lay in a top controlling the bottom. It doesn’t lay in idolisation. The world should be led by the public. Imagine 9 billion people coming with ideas how to live better with this planet instead of waging a war against it. The third world war has been going on for a long time. It has never stopped after the 2:nd world war.There have been wars about territories. That is just wrong. People have waged war against each other for not believing in the same God. Does it matter what God you believe or not believe in? As long as you are a humane being, does it matter?

We will make mistakes. Mistakes makes us learn. We need to learn from others. Ask for help from others. But to be able to do that we need to have a democratic world. A better world than this. We need to listen to each other. We need to create all rules together. We need to start seeing this planet as one planet. We are all on the same boat. However unequal right now in many ways. Technologies to create a green planet exist. We know how. Still nobody is grabbing the ball. Why is that? Why? I do not think it is the right people on top. The system has a failure built in when nobody listens to the homeless, to the starving, to the doctor, to the nurse, to the teacher and so on. If nobody sees you, nobody hears you… how are you then going to change? You cannot expect me to hear or see you, if you do not see and hear me. It works both ways. People should start to be more accepting. We have lost focus of creating a good planet for everyone. The industrialised countries cannot send waste to Africa, so that a little person has to be poisoned and walk in out toxic waste. We cannot exploit countries in war. We cannot exploit countries in poverty. We cannot exploit at all. We should help. Help to live sustainable healthy lives. A life that works with the planet. Even you need to make changes.

The person that plants the seeds in the ground, that person knows what problems the fields have. The person that takes care of the elderly, knows what problems there are. The elderly know what they need help with. So why are we not listening and creating a world were everyone has a voice? A world were everyone’s voice matters, a world were everyone feels they are important, no matter what background or education they have? We are pieces of a big puzzle. We all have purpose. We need to just start living lives were there is room for everyone.

The world needs to accept opinions. It is wrong to silence others. Okay, we should not discriminate, but there needs to be a open discussion about the rules. Everyone must feel they dare to speak up, without risk of persecution, mutilation, jail and such. People need to be able to report when something is wrong. If nobody dares to speak up we are no democracy. We must allow whistle blowers.

A person that doesn’t speak up, or if you do not speak up for those that cannot speak up – who is then going to have a change? Nobody.

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