Travelling people are misusing Swedish Allemansrätten

In Sweden anyone may be in a forest, even if someone else owns it, as long as it is not behind a fence with “stay out”-signs around it of course. You are not allowed to be inside anyones private park or garden, when it belongs to a private residence. However this Allemansrätten is being questioned when travellers come and do not understand the law. They are to many and stay on the ground for to long. Allemansrätten tells the people to not affect the grounds what so ever, you are not allowed to pick flowers, crack a branch, or stay in enormously large groups. You are not allowed to in any way leave marks on the ground were you camp. As long as you are just a few people, camp for one or two nights you are allowed to stay, if you do not affect the grounds in any way. You cannot camp inside a cow fence, or at field of crops. Forests are what you may camp at.

However some travellers are now violating these rules that concern our Allemansrätten in Sweden. They are to many, they stay to long and they violate the grounds and make big sours in nature. In todays we can read about camps in Swedish nature were travellers stay for many days and the camps just grow in size and more and more people come. That was not the purpose of Allemansrätten in Sweden. It is not legal. Permanent camps are not allowed. You need permission for that. Also if you want to stay for long we have camping sites for that. Those have latrines and showers. You are not allowed to shit or pee outdoors in Sweden. It is also considered illegal and the fine is around 800 SEK.

This problem came with EU. EU allows free travelling for EU-members. However all the other countries do not have Allemansrätten. This is pretty unique for some few countries. In Germany a lot of the woods are private and you are not allowed to enter without the owners permission. In their woods they can have i.e. ongoing hunting, so you might end up dead if not careful. In Sweden the hunting is only allowed by the land owners. Everything else is illegal and punishable.

The travellers need to respect our Allemansrätt and obey by the rules that apply. You stay in small groups, continue on after 1-2 days. You do not even leave a single trace you have been there. If some travellers do not obey this rule Swedes might have to change the rules. Imagine the lands of Sweden no longer being allowed to enter. Would that be so nice? The mistreatment of our land may end up in restrictions. You cannot leave big sours, junk, urinate and shit on the grounds. Allemansrätten is unique and travellers need to accept the Swedish way in this concern. We do not want to lose the right to enter woods in Sweden. It is a fantastic way to travel, please respect that travellers. Respect the Swedish nature.

In another article in they write that the neighbours to travellers camps are afraid for the woods burning. In Swedish nature it is not allowed to use fire during the dry season, just because of the risk of fires. These are all rules that must be respected.

Some travellers are giving themselves, and other travellers that do obey the Swedish law, a bad name if they do not respect the Swedish laws, the land, the nature and so. People do understand they are here due to poverty in their homeland, but they must respect the law and live coherent with nature. No fires during dry season, no shitting, no pieing, no leaving trash, no marks on the ground in nature. Not create big camps without asking permission from the land owner. If the land owner says no, respect the land owners decision. Just respect the Swedish law, Allemansrätten exists for reasons of mutual understanding.

Source 20140702:

Here is a clip from the Swedish news adressing the fact that illegal campers are being evicted from other illegal camp sites. Note that the people are not here illegally, they have just sat up illegal camps.


Also here is a clip were some travelling work men put up a illegal camp on a parking lot.