Learning the American football player to play soccer – Google doodle interpretation

So lets make another interpretation of the latest Google doodle of the day, the third for this day.

American football vs. soccer. Google doodle interpretation of the day. 20140701.
American football vs. soccer. Google doodle interpretation of the day. 20140701.

Is Google looking for a beginning? The oogle are missing there G, the beginning. The google team consists of one red o, one yellow o, one blue g with a checklist, a green l and a red e. The blue g is asking the blue G come, without any stripes as symbols for wanting the G to come. The G comes with a American football and a American football helmet, in protective gear. It can also be seen as the wrong player for the soccer team, dressed for full combat of American football.

The yellow and green football lies between o and g, left of middle of the oogle team. They are all on the right side of the green field. The blue G brings its own football to the game, an American football. Is the American wanted on the right side? Get the American to the same side of the field? The American wants to go, but backs when the g with the checklist is pushing. If we think of the six thinking hats, the blue is a manager. The blue G comes into the green field, but then the manager pushes, (we clearly can see the lines), or screams and the G in full protective gear backs out from the field and doesn’t enter the team.

There are several American football teams with blue dresses, however many of those do not have blue pants. However mascots have. Huston Texas, Indianapolice colts, Seattle Sea Hawks, however the G doesn’t look like any of those. The Tennesse Titans have blue pants and sweater but not in the same tone. St Louis Rams have a totally blue dress. Seattle Seahawks have had a blue dress before.

What? What is this? Is the American a coward? Perhaps the soccer makes the American confused, another language, another set of rules, in another game.

In the team the body language of ooge have open arms in the team, however the green person (l) has its arms crossed, perhaps sending a message that it is alienating itself from the G. Can it be a representative from the military that is restricted against the G being a team member? The l is placed behind the g with the checklist, with its arms crossed, like it is backing up what the g is saying. The G goes back to were ever it came from.

The G doesn’t want to be part in teams were people are pushing, angry and people with body language clearly show they are not wanted, no matter what team. Better retreat.

All this from a simple Google doodle. Strangely enough no image about the game going on in the TV, Americans against Belgium. The colors’ of the flags are totally missing in this Google doodle.





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