Sun cross and Svastika in Argentina vs. Switzerland – Google doodle interpretation

The flags of Argentina and Switzerland are dominating the colours and symbols of today’s doodle.

To the left we see Go and it has the stripes blue and white, like the Argentinian flag has. After Go comes an o, that has been replaced with the sun, also a symbol in the Argentinian flag. On the suns head a ball is bouncing. The sun moves up and down when the ball bounces on the sun.

Printscreen of Google doodle 20140701. The 2nd image of the day. Animation of Switzerland and Argentina.
Printscreen of Google doodle 20140701. The 2nd image of the day. Animation of Switzerland and Argentina.

To the right we see a red g the Swizz flags symbol the white cross inside a red flag, who has replaced the L. After that comes a red g. The Swizz symbol is turning around and the ball bounces on the cross. The cross is straight every time the flag turns. Interesting. What does that mean? Reference to sexuality? What does that have to do with anything? The rainbow movement? The bouncing sun and the straight cross. Turning the straight? Hmm. Okay it can be indicating the rainbow movement, anyone should be able to help or love anyone I guess. It could also be go bounce ball give direct help. Direct is another word for straight. So there are double meanings here.

The symbols are round and square. Searching for round and square ends up in, they help in international community service projects and conferences. They build schools, make clean water systems in remote hill-tribes, and create paths in national parks and a lot more. They are in Europe, Asia and South America. Interesting. Conscience? Or on purpose? If so, by whom, Google?

If we use the names for sun and cross we get a suncross, in Swedish Solkors. According to Wikipedia the suncross, even called ring cross, wheel cross and sun wheel, is a symbol already in the bronze age (bronsåldern) and existed in Scandinavian stone carvings (hällristningar) as a symbol for the sun. The sun was like a carriage, a sun wagon, dragged over the sky. Sadly enough it has also been used for the Nazi movement. It is also an astronomical sign for the sun or zodiac. It is also a Svastika, a good luck charm. The cross is turning clockwise and that stands for eternity in Armenian belief. However the wheel also reminds of a mills wheel turning with the wind. Don Quijote is known to fight against mills in the Swedish version. We have a saying: “slåss mot väderkvarnar”. That means it is a lost cause. It means that people are the closest to themselves really, not caring about others. However, I still wish to believe people would like to help a fellow man. Don Quijote is all about choosing ones fights(what cause to go after). On a blog post I found this, quote: “Tanken maler. Orden krossas. Blir till meningar som bär liv.” The mind processes. The words are crushed. Sentences that carry life. It is an allegory from the mills making fleur, that turn into bread. Since the suns mind is bouncing a ball, then the turning wheel could very well mean the mind doing just that. The balls are also bouncing like a pump machine, as if trying to get all the juice out from the well.

The likeness with the turning cross to the Hitler sign is pretty clear in the Google doodle. On purpose? I think that the designer must be aware of that. No conscience in my eyes. The red colour also associates to that so clearly. The Nazi symbol had a black cross on a white background, the difference isn’t all that big. The Svastika I many thousands’ of years old and can be found in many cultures. In Buddhism it symbolises temples. In Indian, Persian and Armenian cultures it is a old symbol of the sun and Mithra. In Armenian culture it was, according to Temple of Mithra, a symbol for eternity, but also for survival. In Japan it is a herald weapon. It is also used to mark a nuclear plant on maps in Sweden. The Svastika has been used long before the Nazis claimed it.

We can find the symbols on coat of arms.

One could say the sun bounces over one day, over the sky, perhaps this is why the Google team let the sun bounce. Some YouTube users claim there is a sun phenomenon when the sun sets that make it look like the sun bounces. The sun cross, Svastica, the cross, the square can be found all over the planet.

The sky is light blue. According to in Feng Shui the blue colour symbolises the truth, creativity, water, inspiration and honesty. According to light blue represents peace and serenity, ethereal, infinity and spiritual. The light blue is also a code for boys in childrens clothing from the beginning of the 20th Century. Sun sounds also like sun. The cross makes the image associate with Christ also.

In the letter Go there are white and light blue stripes, they are the same amount as in the Argentinean flag. The Argentinean flag has an anthem connected to it. The land is said to have been given from God, born from the sun. The Golden face resembles a tip of an arrow. The two blue stripes represent the sky and the sea. The flag is the eagle, its wings are the cloth.

On version of the Swizz flag is square-shaped, not the same as many other flags. They also have another flag with the proportions 2/3 and 7/10. The red cross is based on the Swizz flag. The red colour comes from being a battle flag, according to Wikipedia. The cross is a mark so the combatants know its identification. The shade of red can vary, since it is not regulated in Swizz law.

The red cross also use this symbol, as a protection symbol, declared in the declaration of Geneva. However the red cross is a Swizz flag in reverse. The turning of the cross in the doodle could represent reverse/change.

So what is this Google doodle saying?

If we just read the image, without all other things the interpretation could be something like this:

Go sun bounce g(give) change e(balance). So in sentences that makes sense:

Go with serenity son and set the ball in motion, change (give) balance. And the double meanings added. Go change and roll the ball to help. Change racism, turn the racists around. Knock ‘em out, turn the racist around. Balance. Go shine & balance, the wheels are turning in the right direction. Shine your intellect and turn the wheel forward.

Well there are many ways to say it. You can try it yourself. Think as if it is a rebus. The clocks are bouncing like a pendulum in old fashioned clock. That also has a meaning. Times change.

With the colour codes it is sky, heaven and land given by God. Battle flag for helping change accelerate. Oh well. You got all the clues above. Feel free to continue. This is by all means not a complete analyses.