Google doodle – The team at the beach shooting balls through a lifebuoy

I have gone off trying to interpret a Google doodle. This time it was pretty fun actually. I do not think that this Google doodle is connected to a soccer game, since they are on the beach relaxing. There are no flags here. As usual make your own interpretation in the end.

I tried to count the balls, but I couldn’t. I do not feel like downloading a scripting program and record the balls. If someone feels like it, please do. Feel free to tell me the amount of balls and the sequences for outside the back and outside the front and in through the goal, in this case the ring.

There are five balls to shoot with. The amount of balls never changes, it is constantly five balls. In the middle of the balls there is a G. The balls are grouped 2 and 3. Behind the G stands the o. The two balls have two shadows, whilst the grouped balls only have one shadow. All the Gooogle letters have one shadow each. The G always shoots on one ball only, that ball is in the group of three, with one shadow only. When the G has already shot the ball, the third ball is back in the same place were it started. The G is blue, a colour for stability, being serious and has less negative interpretations and symbolic meanings over the world cultures. The red o could be a lifebuoy, or as a traffic sign the red circle is often placed on the prohibited signs.

The ball is shot through a lifebuoy that hangs to a bent over palm tree with three leafs.

The little g is underneath the palm tree resting, also in the colour blue. The e is sitting in the sand and is drinking from a green apple shaped drink.

The colours of the letters are the regular from the Google logo, however one o has the colour of a lifebuoy.

Google doodle 20140630. The team kicking ball on the palm tree beach, using a lifebuoy as a goal.
Google doodle 20140630. The team kicking ball on the palm tree beach, using a lifebuoy as a goal.

The letter Go are grouped together and then comes the lifebuoy, that is grouped with ge. At the end of the g, the g holds the apple, which is common symbol for knowledge (you probably already know the story about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden with the tree of knowledge, otherwise, you got to read the story of creation in the Bible).

The lifebuoy is a symbol for save. According to Wikipedia (highly unscientific material, but easy to access, my professor would never accept that in my thesis, however most of the things I have wanted to use in Wikipedia I have found in scientific books to, but for this article this has to do, due to time aspects) the palm tree is in Islam associated with paradise. In Christianity it may represent the victory of martyrs. “[…]the victory of the spirit over the flesh.”

In Swedish ge means give. So if I turn all this to Swenglish (cross of languages Swedish and English) the image could be read as: Go roll the ball and save paradise by giving knowledge.

Anyone may associate the palm trees to the tropics. The palm tree can also represent a world tree in many religions and belief systems, such as native americans, indo-European and so on. The routs connect the underworld by the tree to the heaven. We can also symbolise it as the tree of life. Even Asian and middle eastern belief systems believe in such meanings. As well as in the Slavic and Hindu belief systems too. You can find the tree symbol in belief systems all over the world. Even in the Nordic ASA-God-belief system there is a tree named Yggdrasil, also called Taught and Mimers tree.

The Google tree has three leafs and in the ASA-God-belief-system the tree has three roots, one to the humans and the Gods, the second goes to the giants and the third goes to the underworld. Underneath each one there is a well. If you want to know more about that type of tree surf into the Yggdrasil link below.

For the Greeks the palm tree has been a symbol for victory. In old Christian motifs the palm is often next to Christ, so symbolise the one that has won over death. The palm and Phoenix bird are symbols for resurrection and immortality. The palm is also an attribute for angels.

Palm trees provide shade and protection from winds, sun and so on. The coconuts provide food and coconut water. You can make oil and alcohol from a palm tree. From some species of palm trees you can make wax, furniture, baskets, wine, ropes and some palm trees have fruits used for health purposes. They are also pretty to look at on both beaches and wonderful gardens. They make roads nicer to pass and so on. A palm tree can provide us with a log. Which can be connected to the logging of Internet connections, your searches online and so on(the words look the same).

A palm tree is indeed useful in various ways and here the palm tree provides us with a lifebuoy. The G is practising to shoot the balls right, but some end up outside the goal. The goal here is the lifebuoy. Behind the palm tree there is a relaxing serious g and a relaxing e, that is taking in all the knowledge. The knowledge, with the e and the apple, in this case is red, just like many warnings are. The e is sucking in all the warnings from drinking the knowledge (getting the knowledge). And if we use Swenglish then ge means give. So the palm tree is giving a lifebuoy with serious knowledge.

So the ones shooting the balls, trying to do it right, they are stuck, since the balls still lay on the ground. They are serious wanting to hit the target, but they seem to get some balls right, whilst many go behind or in front of the lifebuoy, the target. So since the big G that is serious has a red warning, the o, this is a warning to G, that is stuck in one place, just doing some things right, whilst other things in the world as still going wrong. After all the tree symbolises life. The five balls are grouped as 2 3 and are together 5. 2 3 5. Too free balance, or Too three balance, or too tree balance. In many belief systems three is holy or sacred. In Christianity it can stand for i.e. trinity. The tree could stand for the tree of life.

So is the Google doodle saying go to tree balance, in this case the tree of life. So is this a warning to humanity on how we live our lives. We are still stuck in one place, trying to hit the goal, but still missing it somehow. Even though given all the knowledge we still can’t seem to get it right. Even though we’ve been given all the tools, knowledge, even help from the heavens, we are still stuck, not finding our way. We have gotten the warnings, still we aren’t listening. We are not living in symbiosis with nature. We have the possibility to live in a paradise, after all the google doodle looks like a tropical paradise. And the soccer ball could symbolise play. We are still just playing, even though we think we are being serious (the blue colour of the G). We have people who warn us (the red o). Still we are stuck in the same place…. Going to the destruction of a balanced world in more than one sense. Think about it.

The turquoise colour of the sea, is symbol for paradise. The sand is like sand in the hour glass, time is running out of our hands. The light blue sky, is according to a symbol of peace, serenity, infinity and so on.

So what is the Google doodle really saying? Could this be on purpose, or has the divine affected the creator, without its knowledge? Or is it just a freak conscience? What do you think?


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  1. I stumbled across this article as I was looking for a screen shot of the doodle in question and loved your interpretation of it. Not sure if it is spot on, but it works for me.

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