Google doodle interpretation – Lion vs. eagle, each with one ball

Through out history there are symbols. This is a doodle interpretation of today’s doodle. I dig into history and show what the symbols represent in different cultures. You might learn something reading this. Enjoy and as usual, interpret your own world view in the end!

Lion vs. eagle in soccer world cup - Google doodle 20140629.
Lion vs. eagle in soccer world cup – Google doodle 20140629.

Lion dressed in orange sweater, with captain’s stripes in the color of white, blue and red. The lion looks straight ahead, not at the eagle in front of it. Between the front legs the lion has a yellow and green ball.

Eagle looks at the lion, has a color difficult to describe, but it is brownish eagle standing on a ball, that rolls back and forth. The eagle is dressed in the flag colours red, green and white.

Both the eagle and the lion are on the green grass. The lions paw is strange I think, it is like a scope.

The lion has beige, yellow and white colours. In the sky there is the Go behind the lion. And after the eagle there is the text gle.

In the world cup the countries Holland have the colors blue, white and red in their flag. Mexico has green, white and red colour of their flag.

The Mexican ball is rolling back and forth; the eagle is balancing on it.

The lion just lies neatly on the ground holding the ball, without releasing it. It is interesting that the lion rests about 20 hours per day. Lions are usually killed by humans or other lions, since they have no natural enemies.

Lions are symbols used all over the world, in Europe, Asia and Africa. They have been considered noble and strong. They are a popular symbol of royalty, protection, strength, states and bravery. In old Egypt the lion was a symbol for war gods. In ancient Greece there is a lion in the Zodiac. In Hindu culture Vishnu is represented by a half-lion incarnation in Narasimha, having lion claws and head. Even in China there is a period where the lions are used in art. The lion was placed for protection in front of palaces in China. In Chinese performance lions are sometimes mimicked in movement. In Singapore the lion appears as a beast. Many kings in the past have gotten nicknames with lions in them, i.e. Lionheart and so on. Perhaps you have seen a Sphinx, who has the body of a lion and a human head. The position of the paw makes this lion associate to that position. A sphinx sometimes appears with the wings of a bird, which this Google doodle also has in the image. In greek mythology they can be considered treacherous and merciless. Those who cannot answer their riddles may be eaten. The sphinx in Egypt is male. Both in Greek and Egypt mythology they were thought to be the guardians of the temple’s entrances.

Even the Christian Bible contains eagles and lions in the stories. In the Wizard of Oz the Cowardly Lion is a fictional character.

Americans often use the eagle to symbolize power. China uses several animals, but the lion is one symbol that is said to be the king of the forests and all other animals. The lion is also a symbol of power and grandeur, according to

It seems very likely that this image is an image of two super powers, after all America and China are two superpowers. In this image China is holding on to the ball and looking directly at us, whilst the eagle is looking at China. Interesting. Is the eagle balancing their ball and looking at China?

The lion has three stripes, common in military uniforms. According to Yahoo answers and Wikihow the British and US army that is the rank of an sergeant. In the Swedish army it is the rank of Captain. However the rank may differ depending on what country and type of military it is. The US Navy uniform has the colours blue, red, white, with yellow, the same colours of the lion actually.

A first officer within aviation, according to Wikipedia, has 3 stripes in their uniform. To see what it looks like, check the source Wikipedia. Even the Chinese uniform for the Guangshou lifeguard has the colours white, blue, yellow and red. The US gives one stripe for each 4-year-service-period to their soldiers, according to Wikipedia. To show support the American military people can buy a blue, white and red ribbon.

So does this mean that China supports the American military? Is this why the lion turns its head way, since it supports the American military activities? Why the lion has a white nose is a little bit odd. Donkeys can have white noses. They are often considered stubborn. So is this lion stubborn and supporting the American troops? Jesus parents had a donkey, if we look among the religious symbols. They are considered as work animals, in agriculture, used for transports and for burden. In the beginning the Greek mythology considered donkeys as stubborn, foolish, wicked and lowly. Shakespeare made the donkey a clown. Donkeys have also, in Britannia, been used as allegory for people talking excessively and persuasively. A donkey is also a symbol for the democratic party in the US, according to Wikipedia. Another animal with a white nose is the dolphin. They live in the North oceans. Dolphins’ are considered playful, social and easy to train. When dolphins are sleeping one half of the brain is awake. They live in groups, in small societies with sometimes up to 1000 individuals. Dolphins protect their own. They can identify each other with sound. Funny enough there is a Winary in Owensville (talking about owen birds in the earlier doodle) named White mule, which is what this lion has, a white mule.

The lion is wearing an orange sweater, just like the Dutch soccer team. In an interview for the game against Chile one of them said they fight like lions.

According to Wikipedia the coat of arms for Mexico is a brownish eagle. In the coat of arms the eagle attacks a snake. In history the Mexicans used the eagle as the symbol for their sun God.

An eagle can be used as a symbol for a crest, supporter and so on. Quote from Wikipedia:

“In medieval and modern heraldry eagles are often said to indicate that the armiger (person bearing the arms) was courageous, a man of action and judicious. Where an eagle’s wings were spread (“displayed”) it was said to indicate the bearer’s role as a protector.

In the same way that a lion is considered the king of beasts, the eagle is regarded as the pre-eminent bird in heraldry.

The eagle symbolised courage, strength and immortality. The eagle is also considered the messenger of the highest Gods. The eagle can also be the symbol of Horus as well as S:t John. The eagle was also a symbol for the Roman military.

So what is this doodle supposed to be interpreted as?

Is the lion guarding the ball, looking the other way with the prey in its paws, whilst the protecting eagle is balancing forth and back with another ball. The lion representing big China and the eagle representing the Americans. China supports the Americans with the ribbon visible on one paw, whilst the eagle has spread out its wings, protecting and ready to fly at any minute. Both the lion and the eagle are on the same courtyard, under the same blue sky – that is Earth. They seem to have different agendas, each having a ball of their own, however the eagle more interesting in what China does, whilst China is more interested in what we, the users of Google, do.

What does Google doodle mean with all these symbols? An innocent reference to history make the story funny and gives the doodle interpretation more depth. However these historical references are real. That we can see them in the doodle is funny, but real. Innocent or on purpose? Does it matter?

By the way Holland won this game.


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