Google doodle interpretation – Viva Chile! Viva Brazil!

This Google doodle seems simple enough, but then start to follow the interpretations of Earth cultures and the meaning changes.


Google doodle of Earth with Viva Chile! Viva Brazil! 2
Google doodle of Earth with Viva Chile! Viva Brazil! 2

”Viva Chile!” and “Viva Brasil!” seems appropriate for the soccer game ongoing right now. The colours of Viva Chile and Viva Brasil are as the countries flags. The meanings are in a speech bubble, appropriate for someone saying something.

In the beginning Google has chosen to let Go be split before replacing the second o with Earth. Google has chosen the colours red, blue and yellow for the South American continent. Gle ends the Google logotype. The colours of Go are the same of Chile’s flag and gle are the colours of the Brazilian flag. However on the continent they are missing the dark blue and green from the Brazilian flag. There are only three colours on the continent. I would have preferred the ocean to be blue and the countries in between green. However the Google doodle creator has chosen a turquoise color for the ocean and blue for other countries.

In the animation the football is no longer the same colour as the earlier Google doodles. The football is now black and white.

Chile is represented by the colour red. Brazilians are represented by the colour yellow. Yellow card in soccer is a warning. A red card means that the soccer player is expelled (utvisad) from the soccer field. There is no blue card in soccer. Blue is however often used for giving a serious impression. Blue is the marker for cold water on water taps. Red is the marker for hot water. The yellow colour is also a signalling colour outside soccer. In Swedish we can say “blue eyed”(blåögd) for someone that is innocent. In Hinduism blue is used for the colour of skin for some Hindu Gods. In Islam the colours blue and blue-green represent paradise and are holy colours. In Christianity virgin Mary is represented by the colour blue on her clothes. For the Jews the colour represents a certain type of compassion death. In Chinese culture blue represents one of the five elements, the tree. It also represents east and spring. For Aztecs in Mexico blue was a colour for a sacrifice. In Mexican culture blue was the colour for grief. However in other situations dark blue represents deep, expertise, stability and knowledge. Indigo represents wisdom, self-control and spiritual realisation. Regular blue is the colour for communication with others. The funny thing is that the Swedish flag is the colours of the continent they have chosen to represent South America. And with the red with Chile’s form it looks like the yellow and blue is bleeding. Also the S-shape in the continent for the colour blue can be seen in the colours. With the red Chile-stripe it looks like I S. Brazil might look like Q. So in fact we se the letters I S Q which could be a synonym for ISEC, which works with prevention of crime in example Europe or military services in South America. There are a lot of companies that use ISEC as the letters.Some work with Infrastructure, others with Quality assurance and IT forensics, others with application security. Areas which are very much in question by Edward Snowden exposing the vulnerability in software and electronics in our everyday lives. ISEC stands for Information security.

So is the colour blue representing that this is a serious game between Chile and Brazil? The yellow colour could be associated with the yellow card, warning to the soccer players that do not play well in this game, they are then out of the game, like the red card and colour represents that they are out of the game.

The colour yellow is common in Buddhism and is used to represent being mild. In Chinese culture the yellow represents soil, also old age, Chinese emperor male family members where the only ones allowed yellow in history. Yellow has also been known to represent the middle rike of China (Mittens rike). In India some wear the colour yellow to celebrate the spring festival. In Japan warriors wore the yellow flower “Krystantemum” as a sign of bravery. In Greek mythology it represents Mercurius. In Christianity it represents greed. The colour of the plaque flag was yellow. It is said that Judas wore yellow on his robe during the communion. In France yellow represents jealousy.

However as student I learned that yellow represents God and is often used in churches since not every church could afford gold. However in marketing yellow is used to show something is alert, joyful, fresh and intellectual.

The colors red, yellow and blue in South America are for Venezuela, which is actually a country that has offered asylum to Edward Snowden. Conscience? Haha. Pretty funny actually. However also the Colombian flag has those colours. Both countries are known for drug money on the market.

The colour of the football – black and white – could represent that everything isn’t written in black and white, sometimes things are in a grey area.

The colour of the ocean was representing paradise. I thought of the colour pretty strange for an Earth globe. Regular maps the colour of the ocean is light blue and in reality it is dark blue. Google doodle has none of those colours, which seems to be a different choice. The colour was the regular colour for Windows 95 actually. Perhaps it represents that Google is in computer format. Internet became more accessible with Windows 95. That is the really first, primary Windows system that really took off and made computers more for everyone.

If we mix the colours red, blue and yellow we can get a slightly blush green, but very dark colour. Mix in some white and the sea in the image is this colour. The primary colours in Photoshop are red, blue and yellow. The secondary colours are cyan, magenta and yellow.

If we think of that they are primary colours we could think of that the primary contents of this game is the continent South America. Afterall both countries are from the same continent in this soccer game. Their continent is surely a paradise on Earth, they have wonderful beaches and rain forests. Viva is an expression for live.

So my interpretation of this Google doodle is that it says that we should live in paradise on Earth as the primary people do, which means in symbiosis with nature. And since the colours also mean warnings and that you can get expelled is that if you do not, then there won’t be any paradise to live in. Think about it.

Conscience or what? Imagine that all this can be found in a Google doodle… haha. Have fun!