The Google doodle with the jungle theme – interpretation

Today’s Google Doodle looks has attributes associating to today’s soccer games. The flags for the four countries playing are represented by four flags for each country, Ecuador and France. In the doodle animation the flags change shape to footballs and then back to flag again. The colours are those of the countries flags. There are four teams meeting and this is also the number of the flags, however they do not play four games each, therefore I do not know what four represents really. In each game there are a total of eight flags.

Google doodle with jungle theme and green hills with a golden dome.
Google doodle with jungle theme and green hills with a golden dome.

Above the flags there is an image inside a circle above each set of flags for each game. Behind each image we can see the football jumping up and down, just like the boll-flag-animations, however not in the same pace. The ball isn’t aligned in time with the flags. The flag animations also, due to the round shape remind of female breast jumping up and down and other sexual moves unfortunately. You can use your imagination to get that.

The lower, left circle shaped, image has a jungle. In the jungle there are traditional symbols representing a jungle, trees, lianas and leafs. There is no water in the image, only land in the jungle. On the left and right tree in the image there are shapes that remind of people’s silhouettes. It is like the image associates to the “law of the jungle”. The law of the jungle can according to Wikipedia associate to “survival of the fittest”. Jungle drums spread rumours also. The round shaped figures of the images can associate to drums from above as well. Connecting that to the jungle theme could be one interpretation.

In the right image that is placed higher in the doodle there is a motive of two green hills. They do associate to the shape of a pair of women’s breast in diagonal as well. From the left green hill there is a cableway up to a golden shaped dome. The dome has discolouring’s of a darker yellow. It could associate to cheese; however the shape isn’t well addressed for that purpose. The shape reminds of a phallus symbol, a dick in fact. Above the left green hill there are clouds in the way. Why the green hills are lower and the golden dome is higher placed seems like the golden dome is more difficult to access than the lower green hill. A white rectangular shape is seen in the railway and it is about 28% up from the railways length. The train on the railway is rectangular and white, like a white flag, that people wave if war is supposed to stop for a while, so that a person might surrender or deliver a message. The white flag is a ceasefire-symbol. Read more about that on Wikipedia. Somehow the railway is cut off from the beginning and the end of railway, the figurines lines do not really reach all the way. It is like the way is cut off, for some reason. All the parts are there, but still the construction doesn’t look complete.

The left green hill has three dots and the right green hill has eight dots. The dots have the shapes of triangles. The yellow dome has five dots in the shape of triangles. The dome has a curtain like discoloring at the top of three rounded shapes, reminding of a curtain. In front of the green hills there is water.

The golden dome is actually something. If you go into Wikipedia there are several things called golden dome. From religious buildings and cultural centre’s to sport events and universities.

Well it is a high way up from the left hill to the golden shaped dome. The way up there has all the parts there, but is still fragile and not stable. The train at the railway has reached 28% but still has another 62% to go before it reaches the top. The top seems more likely since we read from the left to the right in Western societies.

The golden shaped dome can also associate to space and observatory domes. They are usually better when looking at the stars when they are placed high up in the hills.

The letters G and gle of the Google doodle are in a beige/yellow colour and associate to gold. Now a day’s gle associates to glee… that is drama, dancing and performance really. The oo in Google are represented by the images shapes.

So what is the doodle really saying? Is it the law of the jungle out there and is it much harder for females to reach the top, since there are dicks on top of the world? Why is the dick higher up than the breast shaped hills? Are men higher in hierarchy? So women that have all the parts still have it more difficult to reach the top? Is that what this Google doodle is saying? In midst of it all this message also has the game association. It is all a game? Just like football? We need to play by the rules? What kind of world view is this?