Google Doodle interpretation of octopus with gloria

Google has Doodles, sometimes they are connected to celebrations, events, death days, famous people and so on. Sometimes they are just strange. For the uninvited they seem harmless, like an art enjoyment for you to enjoy. However, start to look at the symbolism and the signs in those and they are not all that innocent. For the blind (not actual blind, but for those that see but do not see) they see the first thing that comes into mind.

A print screen of Google doodle the 17th of June 2014.
A print screen of Google doodle the 17th of June 2014.

Here Google has chosen a octopus, that has a deep symbolic meaning. For the uninvited it is just a game of football in the world cup game between Belgium and Algeria. However why then a octopus. Why a gloria on its head? Why only three arms showing? Why are they up in the clouds the flags? Why are they in square boxes?

The octopus has three hearts, here in the animation we have three subjects. It has eight arms. It has many arms, as the spider has legs. According to Symbolic meanings blog a octopus participates in society in several levels. She writes it was a goodluck charm for sailors. She writes it can be, quote:

  • Complexity
  • Diversity
  • Variability
  • Intelligence
  • Insight
  • Vision
  • Mystery
  • Illusion”

The octopus can be a symbolic meaning for dividing force, according to Churchward. He also writes it exists as symbol for women’s creation in Mexico and that it has been a sacred symbol in different cultures.

According to The Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols the octopus is a symbol for the union with God. It is also in some circumstances a symbol of other things.

The real octopus is intelligent and can solve maze puzzles, according to Henderson. Neederveen compares the putting pants on a octopus as difficult as justice within multicultralism. He uses the words “very difficult, indeed, virtually impossible.”

Let us say the octopus is a impossible animal(anatomically speaking) and highly adaptable to circumstances. A symbol for the complex, mysterious and sacred.

A famous box could be Pandora’s box. Opening it, could reveal anything really. A box is a mystery. Within quality assurance black box technique doesn’t show the code. You have to choose the right choice in this Google doodle. The outcome is unclear, since they are similar boxes with just different labels. Belgium is a monarchy, whilst Algeria is a democratic republic. We could say those two countries may represent those types of leadership. In a democracy no-one can inherit power, you are chosen by the people to lead. In a monarchy you are born to lead. The ball in the middle it is like the Saint has the ball. Which way should the ball roll? To the democratic republic or to the monarchy? In a wider sense it could be to choose if leading should be democratic or inherited. God is said to be up in heaven in a figure of speech. And the gloria is a symbol for the holy family members and saints. On the left arm there are five dots (sugkoppar). Five is a symbolic number for balance. It is the middle number between 1-9, in total balance. On the two right arms there are a total amount of 9 dots, which is the number that completes the series 1-9, the final number. So we can say it means complete. Balance complete if the numbers are grouped.

The name Google is split in two. Goo could mean Go. So add the numbers Go balance. Then the octopus with the gloria comes. That could be the mysterious God with many faces. Go balance God. Then add the number 9 and the two arms are two. So Go balance God 2 completion. 2 can be used instead of to. The ball is in the arms of God. Dependent on the outcome, since it is placed in front of the octopus in the clouds. There is a choise to be made, since the octopus is an animation it moves its head between left and right. It seems like it cannot make the choice. In the US they say Cloud 9 for those that are in Swedish meaning in seventh heaven (sjunde himlen). Up in the clouds, dreamers so to speak. So what is the dreamers choice?

Well. This is just a simple interpretation of the Google doodle. Really you can go deeper and see what symbolic references the countries have in a wider depth and what the cloud could mean more than the obvious. But for the uninvited this is just a football game and a choice or a guess what country wins the football game…


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  1. I noticed that as soon as I got on. Its very odd how the octopus is also a symbole of “Illusion” as well as many others, It could be mocking. The halo does not make sense none the less over an octopie with only three arms showing? Why not a full eight or two or maybe just one? The ball is also purposely looking like an upside down star..i thought it was just a normal ball. it’s intentionally made to be hidden. When you’re searching anything else the top left hand corner shows the ball as one of the o’s with the halo. Now why not just make the ball up side right? Sorry Just the whole picture is off. Its either intentional or harmless…..

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