Is Islam a dangerous religion?

I have read articles about a women in Africa that converted from Islam to Christianity. According to the rules in that country they may not convert from Islam to any other religion. Since they do not accept the convertion of religion, this means, according to Aftonbladet TV, that she has broken the law and had sex outside the marriage, even though she has not. But since they do not accept her new religious belief they are going to kill her after she has breast feed her child for 2 years. What kind of world is this?

There is something called religous freedom in Sweden, therefore we wouldn’t be able to kill someone for getting a new marriage. We wouldn’t kill someone for sex outside the marriage either. I think that a country that has those kinds of laws is inhumane, no matter what religious belief system they have. And killing someone for having concentual adult sex outside the marriage is also just wrong. I think that this country in question is inhumane and should reconsider changing such rules and laws. Let the women be Christian, let her live. That is the only right thing to do. Not even Allah would consider what you are doing over there okay. Even Mohammed accepted Jesus as a profet, so there is really no problem in her believing Jesus was the right prophet instead.

I am hoping that this country reconsiders and lets the women and her child go.

Let them live, please.

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