Three working days

I got to work three working days this week. One day I used for errends. It is good to be free a regular day sometimes. Tomorrow is Valentines day and I have already sent out my greetings for happiness to family and friends. I have also given money to a charity organisation for animals.

I have been doing a good job this week. I am satisfied with my effort.

I have had some early days from work so I have seen more of the kid also. I have been to classes and I have an exam to do this week. I am satisfied with this week. I haven’t been booked for tomorrow and the clock is already late, so I am not thinking I will be booked. So I will take it easy, apply for jobs and just be tomorrow. I need to rest before I do my exam during the weekend. I have to read two different articles and I have to use them in the exam. In almost all studies gender has to be included to some extent in part of the classes. I think gender issues are important to address. There are different ways of looking at gender. One approach is to see the biological gender and the other one is the socially constructed expectations of gender. Which comes first? Theorists and writers have different world views on this and I have to apply one and make an analyse of something from such a perspective. That will be interesting. I will try it. My biggest problem is reading the text…. booooring. And then try to cut down my words to a limited amount of words. Hmm.. I usually use to many words or make it even to short. I will try to keep it to the wanted amount.

I am still coughing, the cough doesn’t want to leave the premises. I need to get it out of my system. I haven’t got any idea. It would be nice is the weather was nicer and hotter, then perhaps the cough would go away as well.


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