Nice to be alone sometimes

I have had a nice weekend. Alone from lunch yesterday until the afternoon. Now the family is back. A grumpy badly behaving kid is at home. Most likely spoiled by the grandparents on my partners side. I do not like this type of behavior, not looking me in the eye when I am asking questions about what they did and if they had fun. No the smart phone, that my partner insists to give to the kid, is more interesting than me. So I simply took the smart phone away and told the kid that that isn’t the real world and I do not live forever and that it will regret not spending any time with me. I am so tired of kids relying on technology. They cannot even use a pen anymore for school work. What kind of world has technology created? Alienated youth and kids that rather be in front of technology than living a real life.

The world is messed up. I think that kids shouldn’t have computers all the time. However many schools teach everything on the computers. The kids that have gaming issues spend time on games instead of learning. The teacher has to walk around and tell the kids to do the work and not play games. The kids of today are not learning as good as we were. They have a lot of technology. I think kids of today are dumber in many ways. They google everything they want to find out, that is not learning according to me. Paper and pen is considered “Stone age”. A kid has actually said that. What kind of kids are we bringing up? Perhaps I will put our kid in Waldorf school. They restrict technology use in their pedagogy.

I want kids that are here, in the present, and not online. Some schools even make the kid write blogs. School blogs about what they have done during class. They place their work online. I think that is real strange. Some even make video blogs. I think that is strange to. However the Swedish state wants the kids to learn new technology.

If everything, even first class is online… I guess that employers can know everything about the kid when they apply for work. They may know exactly what the kid has done in school. Some companies might even start to follow high school kids… to see which are going to be the next star. Perhaps they even may sponsor their education? Who knows were this might go? A elite world even in knowledge and social media online. I am afraid of the IT-sapiens. The next generation indeed are IT-sapiens.

I think kids shouldn’t be online at all.They cannot handle it. Their brains have not developed so they can understand the consequences of their actions.