Review of the movie The Secret life of Walter Mitty

There is a man – Walter Mitty. He works at the Life magazine as the manager of the images there. He handles the negatives and digital images before printing. He lives a calm life and keeps a record of everything. He supports his mom and is really a kind man. He is single and he has gotten his eyes on a woman at his work place – Life. However he is a bit shy. He lists on a dating site, but his profile is all blank, since he hasn’t really done much in life. When he finally sends an invite to her the dating service gets an error. He has to call the dating service and get assistance. The service agent says that Walters profile is to empty. After the call Walter is late to work. When he comes to work he learns that Life is going and that people will lose their jobs.

Instead of acting on his thoughts he daydreams his way into a lot of stuff. This movie jumps between living a calm life to a fantastic life in his daydreams. However after he goes into the zone of daydreaming he has lost minutes of his real life. When Life magazine is laying off people and Walter has lost a image from the famous photographer he goes of on the journey of his life. Instead of daydreaming he goes on a quest to find the lost image. During his quest he develops a relationship with the dating service. Suddenly Walter has a lot to update his profile with.

Walter goes on a difficult journey. It isn’t the easiest task to find a photographer that lives off grid, so his journey takes him to magical places. He meets people and has to trust people in ways he has never done before.

The film is full of wonderful landscapes and wonderful sceneries. The film has fantasy and surrealism at the same time. The film makes references to known films and makes them the films own. I think Ben Stiller, who plays Walter and also has produced the movie makes a really good job. I would love Ben Stiller to make more movies like this.

You really feel with Walter when he experiences the world, the simple man he seems to be. The film isn’t boring, nor is there any killings, it is just a feel-good-movie about capturing the moments in life. It is a wonderful movie and perhaps many of us daydream a lot, instead of living our lifes to the fullest. Want to see the movie? I recommend it. It is a joyful movie that leaves you with a feel-good-feeling, mixed with sadness and joy at the same time.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Please, make more movies like this Ben Stiller!

Mitty, Directly linked to imdb, original source.
Mitty, Directly linked to imdb, original source.

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