I get depressed reading Marx and Althausser

Marx writes that the media is controlled by the elite in ruling. The elite use the media to get out their world ideology to the mass. In this case the mass is seen as the bottom. Althausser writes it is the state that controls the media in order to send out their ideology.

I think it is so sad… that I get a bit depressed. It is a cynical world view. Some people have said that “knowledge is power”, however I think that money rules the world. I have a lot of knowledge, but that has never given me power. Not the kind of power I would need to have access to give knowledge to the world and really make a big change fast. I can only trust the ripple effect and try to get my word out there. However, I do not have access to the mass in such a way big newspapers, TV-channels and such have.

In “Östermalmsnytt” I read that the United Arab Emirate owns a lot of the city core buildings around Stureplan in Stockholm. They have money to own it. I think that money rules the world. If you have money, you get options. Options that can be a power factor. By being able to buy places you can exercise power with what is there. Buy owning it you can give your ideology to the visiting people. That can be given in any way. That can be given in how the architecture is and what ads and what stores are available. If you have no knowledge you do not know about all the ways we can use to effect your mind. Everything around you effects you. Imagine what someone with knowledge can do to manipulate you. You can really control the market this way.

The Swedish young elite hang around Stureplan. They have money. So in fact this makes the United Arab Emirate even richer… so they can control even more. They can also control the elite… by having control over their environment. Just saying. Think about it. Black oil… We shouldn’t be dependent on oil. Oil makes them even richer and even more power goes to them.

At work there is a person. Today I learned more about this person. I learned that this person used to be married to a industrial power factor. A person that had enough money to buy whatever the person wanted, whenever it wanted. I couldn’t even see this person being married to such a person. The person is from my country. I had wondered how come this person had such a position in society, coming from my country. But when this was revealed to me… I no longer wondered. Needless to say, this person is as well educated as me, even more… since it has taken all its exams.. hehe. Well. The rich person got some kids with this person before the rich person finally said the person didn’t want to be married anymore. Do you know why? Because this person didn’t consider money important. Ironic? Well. I understand the person. Money isn’t important in overflow. Not if you are not looking to control, rule and be a power factor. I wonder how come I meet these people? That bath in money. I am so far away from money as one can be. I am just a regular person. I am a slave in the system. Having to work to survive.

I do not value money in the way that some do. I just want enough so I can live as I like. I also want to have no loans. Needless to say I am not there yet. I still cannot afford a house without loans, nor can I pay off my student loans with the blink of an eye.

I do not even have a permanent job. I have a temp job… more than some have.

I meet many power people, and I have never tripped on my toes for anyone. I do not fall for titles. I fall for intelligence and conversation, smart ideas and interesting personalities. Money is almost a little bit annoying. I am surrounded by money in many companies. I can see who is well paid. Not that I haven’t had chances in life.

When I was newly graduated I was offered the job as a CEO. I thought of it as a joke and said no thank you. I have been offered jobs abroad and such. I always said no. Perhaps I would have been better off if I had said yes. But then again… I am not looking for that kind of power. I just want to change how people are to each other. For that it would be nice to have access to the world… more than through a blog. A blog has its restrictions. I can only reach a limited mass. In theory one could reach more, but for that I am not ready to do what it takes.

I am saying without money you are stuck. Without investing something, time or money, you are stuck. Well. I think money rules the world. Our world is based on consumption. This is what is wrong with the world. There should be other things of value. Consumption is bad for the Earth.

Well. Media is used to tell an ideology and give a perspective to the masses. Of course there are people that are educated in the press. Education makes people act a certain way… not all are affected. Some see through it. I think it is boring to always give references to someone else. That is the most boring about academic studies. It hinders me from thinking outside the box. I however do it anyway, but keep the exams to what the teachers want. However I still see my world view.

I think the power rules the educational field… and makes us do everything a certain way. Each country with its set of educations…. I could go on forever with this, but I leave you with your own thoughts.