Review of the movie The Intouchables

It is a wonderful story about a friendship. It is about being a personal assistant and about the strains that puts into both the caregiver and the caretaker. I can relate to this, since I have worked as a personal assistant one summer. It is more of a strain than being a caregiver in home care. You are with a person much longer periods of time. It is essential that the chemistry works and that the caregiver knows what you can say and so on. If the connection in between works, then it is easier to work together. This movie was about such a relationship as well as what it is like to come from to different ethnic and social groups. One from money, the other one from a worse neighbourhood with high crime.

The movie was fun, enjoyable, sad and very nice. I liked the “feel-good”-feeling about the movie. Even though it handles subjects of not being satisfied with how things are it gives brightness into that life anyway. It is about the fact that someone sees you and acknowledges that and knows how to handle you. This movie shows how a friendship grows and how something unlikely can be the most likely. We can have many things in common, even though we start off different. It is something in the way we are. This movie is about that.

I think both the lead roles are acting the roles in a good manner.

If you want to see a movie about friendship, co-dependence and life with all its joys and hardships, then perhaps a couple of hours with this movie might give you just that.

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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