Applied for 47 jobs

I have now, during January, applied for 47 jobs and been to one interview. I got strange questions from the interviewer. I do not think he very much liked my answers. He questions my answer. I can understand that. I perhaps was a bit stupid. I do that sometimes, answer to honest and my thinking can be misinterpreted. Clearly it was. He asked me what I wanted for salary. I said I didn’t want to lower my insurances. Haha. He said that was very strange since I then wasn’t expecting the job to be steady. I didn’t want to explain that I saw to job as temporary and not a permanent job. After all it was a temporary assignment. I am so used to employers talking about the possibility of a permanent job… bla bla bla. I think I have seen to much in order to believe anything until it is put into writing. Even if put to writing the market can change. I have clearly seen that happen three times. I have been there. After that I do not believe in permanent jobs. Yes I look after my house. I look after my family. I ain’t going to fall into the trap of lowering my demands. I do not want to lower my insurances for a job. I can work maximum 5,5 months in order for me not to lower my sick leave insurance as well as child leave insurance. The so called insurances dependent on Försäkringskassan. That is one amount. I can work for less pay, as long as it is a job that only lasts for less than six months. If I work 6 months my insurance will go down.

If I take a job with less than the limit for maximum a-kassa, then I lower my a-kassa-insurance. What a-kassa is based up on is what you work for each day. Every day counts. I do not want an even lower income, since the a-kassa is already very low. I do not get any 80% of my income and never have from solely the a-kassa. I cannot qualify for extra insurance money either, since I have a income less than a year long, most of the times.

So my limit is the limit for maximum a-kassa. I do not want to go under that. That is the lowest pay I will work for. It is just stupid to work for less in a temp job. I wouldn’t take a permanent job under that, if it wasn’t a dream job. For a dead end, regular, boring job I do not want to lower my a-kassa.

I said I wanted him to offer a salary compared to education, experience and work tasks. He still wanted to get figures. I said I am not expecting less than… and I am not expecting salaries at a higher amount. I gave him a door of 10 000 SEK up or down. I said that I haven’t asked for my salaries now and that I still got a good enough pay to accept the jobs.

He was in the interview talking about how hard it was to find the right competence, so well… I guess the costumer must pay if they want the person to work there. How are they expecting someone to stay if they are in lack of that competence on the market? I think it is good that there ain’t enough workers with the right competence… good for me. Better paycheck, perhaps?

Well. I won’t get the job. He didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t seeing the job as steady. I excused myself and said that I haven’t had a steady job for many years. I have afterall been used to having a-kassa periods of the year. I couldn’t manage on a low income and a lowering of a-kassa. I need to think of me and my family in first hand, not selling myself to cheap. I still have some value, after all.

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