Attended an interview

I was at a interview. It was a nice group of people. I could do the job, however… will I find it interesting enough? Will I be bored? Will I be good enough? Would I do a good job? I have no idea. I have never worked with this target group before. I have never worked at such a company in Stockholm before. I haven’t had such an employer before. I have no idea if I would like the job or not. I didn’t get the feel. I like my current arrangement. It lasts a couple of more months. Feels bad to end it one month in advance… I think I will not end it in advance for another job. I think it is bad to do so. It wouldn’t be nice. I rather do a job as my one-day-job than the other job. However this job is just a temp job and not a regular employment. The interview was for a regular job. I have no idea about the salary either… that is important. If I should accept that type of job it would have to pay enough for my satisfaction. I wouldn’t want to lower any insurances for such a job.

Well. We’ll just have to se how it goes. I didn’t get the other job… so why would I get this one? They are interviewing so many. The chance is so little… and the salary… I have no idea. Perhaps the salary is low, then the job will be totally uninteresting. I already have a job right now, I won’t just take any desperate chance for a job… it isn’t my dream job…

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