Review of the movie Jobs with Ashton Kutcher

I have seen the movie Ashton Kutcher. Without any expectations I saw the film. Amazingly enough Ashton looks similar to Steve Jobs in the movie. He is as skinny, dressed the typical way, has the hair cut and the glasses. He does look the part. Even the walk with a hunch back is there.

I think the portrait is fair enough. It doesn’t make Jobs desirable, it only shows his defects as well as his geniousness and vision. It portrays him as a boss that makes hard decisions by not giving options to jobs that anyone could do, as he puts it. However the once with the ideas and solutions he does give options (stock value) to.

The movie also shows how the stock market works and how boards can turn against you. It shows the quest for numbers and a market that changes dorectly due to the money going down. I feel it into my marrow. I have been there. I haven’t been a founder, but I think I have many similar experiences in other ways to Steve Jobs. I to have been a victim of boards turning after the wind. Stock market ruling the world with no heart, no soul, just numbers. A unhuman way of looking at the world. Sometimes the portrait also showed a harsh Jobs making strange decisions. Like rejecting his daughter for many years. She wasn’t right in time. So he said she wasn’t his, even though she most likely was. However he needed to pay child support anyways. When he lost his job at Apple he started to see her. Then he had time. Still he was tournmented for his real parents giving him away when he was on drugs. Yes, the movie shows how Steve gets visions on drugs. I wouldn’t recommend drugs to anyone. Stay away. The movie doesn’t portrait him as an addict, more like taking it when offered. The movie has really shortened Steve Jobs life, so we are missing the parts how he takes contact with his daughter. The movie mainly focuses on the products and Steve’s involvement in inventing and driving the company forward.

Steve really likes the people that are brutally honest. He wants his co-worker to be that in one scene. I like that part about him. I like honesty in many ways. He premiers the people who are odd, the people that think they can change the world. I to think that you and I can change the world. It doesn’t come easy. New thinkers are not always liked and this movie clearly shows that. But as the movie says it is the people that dare to be different that actually can change.

I am a changer, not always liked, not always wanted… but some of us are just born this way. Some surrender and get badly hurt. Others try adapting, but suffocating their beliefs. Others want to change, but do not dare. There are so many aspects to change. You got to dare, have the tools and the personality to do it. You also need luck. I think many do not have luck… not having luck gets people to adapt… to being boring robots… fall in line. Be a robot. Produce. I am not saying I am not falling in line… in order to survive many have to fall in line… unfortunately. The world is full of Steve’s… wanting to invent, wanting to come out and dare to be themselves. Do you dare?

I do not think that this movie was bad. It could have been longer and had more information. But what the movie has in 2 hours is good enough. So therefore I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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