I knew I would get the job

The job I didn’t want. I just knew. I had the gut feeling. The salary is lower than when working as a photographer. But still higher than a-kassa and the salary will not lower my new a-kassa-period either. They wanted me to come at once. But I am coughing. I am sick. I said I will start in November. So three months I will work there. I will write and write and write and sit in front of a computer in an old 19th Century house. I will have to buy a bus card. I will have to commute. I hate to go by subway and bus. I do not like it at all. However it is far to difficult to take the car there. I will have to use the car once a week, when I have my lectures at the university. So those days it has to cost the fee to be parked in town including the tax for billtull (car toll).

I have an interview booked on Friday and on Monday and I also have the testing at another employer next week. I still haven’t written on any contract… and the others still have a chance. So we’ll just have to see, won’t we? As you can understand – I am excellent in getting a job. However I am not much of a long-term people person. I like short contacts. I am not so found of being with the same people for 8 hours a day. Not at all. Therefor I am not looking forward to the project. Sitting in a room, full with people. Never alone. Always on guard. Do not say the wrong things. Do not think out load. Just do not. There are so many must nots. I prefer my own room… but today that is very unusual, even though I had my own room last fall. Still, one was expected to keep the room door open, so it wasn’t all lonely.

Well. The job I really want… that is the job on Friday and the testing period also. The job on Friday is in my area of expertise that I love. I would love to have that job. However it is just a job for a couple of months and only one day a week. I am hoping they want me. Then I will call this job and ask if I cannot work just 80% for them, 4 days a week and the fifth day at the job I really want. I think its possible. Just need an offer before I suggest it. Then I would at least have fun once a week, doing what I love!!! That is also a job that I hope develops in to even more… that is where my sibling actually is educating itself. I am not educated to it, but I am educated in that field, so I do know the area and have the competence, even if not the formal version, that my sibling has.

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