I had to surrender

I couldn’t breath normally. The slime medicin was placebo. Didn’t work. Well, so I had to book a time and go to the doctor. Pay 200 sek and look great. I went there. The doctor said, you look totally fine. You do not even look sick. I said I seldom do look sick. I said I look good most of the time. Then he listened to my lungs. He said I didn’t sound great. He said I sounded very asmatic. No shit. I go to the doctor just for fun right? He ordered ventilation machine twice. It felt good afterwards. My aspiration increased a little bit. My lungs didn’t sound asmatic anymore. Thanks for that. I am 200 sek poorer. Just to breath. It is like someone is taking my money for air. For air! I think all those things should be free. If someone needs medical assistance to breath – it should be payed by tax money! FREE! Imagine I was even thinking of not going. I couldn’t breath normally. Constant lack of oxygen. No wonder I get tired.

I think many things are strangely enough not available for anyone who actually needs it to live. Treatment. The world is cruel and injust. In many more ways than one. We live in a unequal society. Some have everything and other have nothing.

I had to surrender. Pay up. Get to breath. I shouldn’t have to pay for being able to breath. It should be free. Just saying.

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