Finally a women got right against the Swedish State and Försäkringskassan

The Swedish health care system has been cruel since Alliansen (The Alliance) started ruling in Sweden. Many sick people have been left with no money. Those that have no partner to live on have to sell cars, apartments or houses, in order to get welfare after any profit has been lived on. In fact: welfare assistance isn’t given to anyone who owns something, it is a last resort to the those with nothing. the sick have been offered nothing more than poverty. No money for clothes, food or living quarters if they happen to even have owned a car, no matter the value of it, or an apartment, even if it is just worth 1sek.

However in todays I could read about a women struggling against Försäkringskassan in higher court. She won! Now she gets her sick leave insurance after three years of struggle without. She gets 400 000 before taxes now retroactive. She opens up the system for many other sick in the same situation. Perhaps they to will be able to get money now? At least those with a long history of sickness like hers.

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