Workers are no better than cattle for the employers in the world

In todays I could read an article about a man who had to educate unemployed within his occupational knowledge. When he had finished the education for the unemployed, he and 30 colleagues, were fired, according to the article.
Later on the man learned that the unemployed are now working in the areas he thought them about, in his old localizations. He is saying that people are treated as cattle. I am about to agree. The employer in this case was Skogsstyrelsen, according to the article. They work with taking care of woods in Sweden.
This only happens since the state pays part of the salary for the former unemployed people. In this case “long-time-unemployed”. The longer time a person has been unemployed the more of the salary the state pays. I knew that this could be a problem when they gave employers this opportunity, to employ an unemployed with discount. It is like a second grade employer, that costs less than someone that is not entitled to the discounts. You are not entitled to any discount when you are working as a temp or jumping from job to job, like me.
An employer needs to pay full salary for me and all others that haven’t been totally unemployed for more than one year.
I am sad to even having to read articles like this. But att employed are just expandable. Companies and organisations usually just want to make profit or cut costs. So of course they will use the system, when there is money to be saved. The system is fucked up. Just saying.

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