Me and the kid took a trip to a neighbouring city. I had to buy something that wasn’t available in the store in our town. So we took a day trip. I bought something for the kids room, to keep it even more organised. I bought clean wood furniture, so I could paint it in the right color. I have painted them, they are in our kitchen, drying, waiting to be placed in the kids room.

I was helping to look for a missing person some months ago. I am glad to say they finally found the person. I am happy and thankful. It has been on my mind every now and then. I knew the wishes of some dead people. This person was supposed to lay in the same grave when that day came. That wish couldn’t be granted since the person went missing. I am glad to say now the wish may be granted. Thanks for that.

I had a great day, but the day passed by fast. Most of the day went to the day trip. The evening went to painting furniture and then I was on the phone with friends and relatives talking about life in general. So it is almost night and this day has passed. A pet i laying next to me, relaxing, while I write some on the computer.

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