Russia has stopped all Swedish adoptions

According to all adoptions to Russia have been stopped for countries that allow same-sex-marriages. Sweden allows same-sex-marriages. So therefor all adoptions from Russia to Sweden have stopped.

I think this is sad. About 15 children, according to Aktuellt, SVT1 today, were in the process of being adopted by Swedish married couples. You need to be married in Sweden in order to adopt. Same-sex marriages can be permitted to adopt, however the adoptive children’s countries decide if they give away children for adoption. So far I do not think any gay have adopted any children through the regular ways. I think they have only adopted the partners children in Sweden. The kids have come to the world through sperm donation, egg donation, surrogat mothers and so on. Then the partner that is not the parent has adopted the kid so they to are the legal parent. This is the only type of homosexual adoptions I know of. However I could be wrong. However it is the child’s original country that decides who to adopt to. I really see no problem for Russia to continue adopting kids to Sweden, it is up to Russia to decide which parents to accept. So why the current 15 kids cannot be adopted I do not really understand.

On the news Aktuellt they showed a couple that already had meet their soon-to-be adoptive daughter. They were about to go up to court to get parentship next week. However their adoption is now stopped due to further notice. I think this must be traumatic for the child. Disapointed once again in life. Abondond twice. The kid had already started to bound. It knew its room. It had meet the new parents. A kid that is about to turn five this winter is aware and will remember. I think this is not in the child’s best interest. The adoptive parents had tried to use the theme of the Russian flag in the child’s room. There were also Russian elements. Many Swedish adoptive parents are well prepared. They are drilled in classes and have to go through extensive research before getting approved for adoption. I think this is traumatic from the child’s perspective and also the adopting couples. I think this is sad.

I hope at least the 15 ongoing adoptions to Sweden will continue as usual, for the children. Sweden is a suitable country since we are close to Russia geographically. The closeness makes it possible to perserve the roots to the child’s original country. Sweden is also a good country since we look similar to many Russians and the kids will blend in easily in the Swedish society. There are many benefits for Russian kids to get adopted by a Swedish couple. I think that Russia needs to accept that all are equal in the name of God.

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