How movies affect your brain

I have read research results that have shown that movies do affect your way of thinking. I just wish I wasn’t an alumn now, this means I cannot log in to the university library and give you sources of the scientific books and articles I read in the subject. However I have now registered as a student part-time, but I still cannot log in. So you have to do without sources and search the web and libraries yourself. Someone on YouTube has made their own analysis. They are not wrong that movies do affect your way of thinking, however if there is any “satanics” behind in mascopy or not is however not argued for or against. You and I are entitled to our own world views. I just give you what is out there, so that you may find your own truth.

However what you do see in ads, film and around you does affect you. This I know from many years of studies. It is possible to manipulate and change your world view by techniques available. Here is just one of many conspiracy theories given. Enjoy! Use your own mind. Check the facts. Form your own truth.

The film on YouTube I had a link to has been removed, the source used to be:

However there are many other films on YouTube talking about “Satanic Hollywood…”.

The video I have linked to isn’t the same and not as good. Remember we all see the world from a subjective point of view. I do not need to share any of the opinions given in this video. The video has a sender. Ask yourself: What is the purpose?


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