Review of the movie Elysium

The main characters are Frey and Max. They live far away in the future. Earth is overpopulated and the rich have emigrated to Elysium and live in richness and prosperity. Workers are being handled by robots, the robots are supervisors, doctors, parole officers, body guards and so on. The robots act on logic and not on heart and soul. Not even people in the rich part of the world seem to have a heart and act like workers are slaves and expandable. I really see no difference between the decisions rich make today, when cutting down job opportunities and laying off people. The movie just makes it feel a little bit more harsh, but reality today is no more different. I think the movie makers have made an good allegory to todays reality. I happen to think that this movie is a critic against modern society.

Max is played by Matt Damon. He is the main character, the hero so to speak. He is a worker at a robot factory. One day he has an accident caused by unreasonable demands from his boss. Since a job is hard to get Max does the job and instead he gets a death sentence. Not wanting to die he takes on a tough mission. The cure is on Elysium, but how will he get there? Of course the rides to Elysium are hacked, like any other system of today can be. However the rides that do not make it to treatment often end up in the planes getting shot down. By just shooting down refugees the protectors of Elysium do show no mercy. How is that any different from Egypt or Syria of today? Or for asylum seekers that want access to good health care, education and communications?

Max takes on a mission to kidnap a billionaires brain chip. In the future people implant DNA identifiers and brain chips in this futuristic world view. Of course there is some background given about Max and Frey. Frey is a nurse working at a hospital, she has a daughter dying of cancer. There are many reasons for people wanting to go to Elysium.

The bad guys speak French and Dutch and the good guys speak Spanish and all in between there is also English. I wonder why? What is the thought behind this? To show that we all live on the same planet?

It is like the rich live alienated from the poor on Elysium, that is no more different than today when the rich live in neighbourhoods far to different from perhaps you and me. Company owners see the regular people as slaves and expandable in the movie, just making them richer, in Elysium – how is that any different from many company owners of today? Workers are to often treated badly, with low salaries that are not enough to support a family with kids, sometimes even bad work tasks is a reality for many.

In this far away sci-fiction movie the rich have the cure for sickness and wonderful big areas for living, with big houses and wonderful scenery. On Earth there is overpopulation and dirt, some areas worse than others. People are treated with zero tolerance against rebellion. The robot police use force for minor issues, like “irony” and you may end up in a hospital. I think this is a parallel for regular police, some treat the offenders far to hard and use to much force to many times.

On Elysium they have the cure for cancer and many other diseases, however no treatment is given to Earth population, even though both capacity and treatment is available. How is that any different from today? Some have luxury health care and others have very basic health care and some have no health care. Inequality in this movie is no different from how we live on Earth today.

I happen to think this movie is a critic to how our Earth is divided between rich and poor and that resources are not shared. It is smart to make it as a sci-fi movie.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. See it, if you like allegories or sci-fi.


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