Hacking a baby monitor

A hacker might not just have earsdropping in their mind when hacking into a baby monitor, in an Expressen.se article I read about a person that hacked into a baby monitor saying bad words to a baby. The parents heard a stranger in their daugthers room calling her a bitch, according to the article. They ran into the room and realised the voice came from the baby monitor. The voice was saying “Wake up, bitch”. The parents quickly turned off the baby monitor. Their daughter was death, so she was spared from the earsdropper calling her bad stuff. Thanks for that.

Everything wireless can be hacked. Old fashioned wire is much better, however not as easily installed or moved. Keep that in mind when you choose to only wireless connections to everything. It can be hacked. Anything connected to the Internet 24-7 can be hacked also. Just saying. Beware.

Source 20130815: