Riots in Turkey

There have been riots in Turkey for several days now. According to a Swedish man was injured badly in his leg. It is sad to read that there are riots every now and then in the world. However, as I understood it, they say there are islamic power factors in ruling in Turkey, factors trying to control how people live.

In SVT news, earlier the latest week, a witness said that they forbid kissing in the Turkish subway…

Control over how we live our lives is bad. We are already controlled on so many levels. Banks know what you eat, your hobbies and were you are a customer. The subway is impossible to be anonymous at, hence they can connect the subway card to you, if not through money transactions, then from the many cameras in the subway system. Also the state knows if you had good grades, if you finished school, who you are related to (at least from the point you arrived, or your relatives arrived and many hundreds of years back, if you didn’t have unknown relatives of course), if you have children and so on.

Through the doctors records they know your health history. Through every idiot system they know a lot of you. Connect all the systems and you perhaps understand how much control they have over you. For what purpose? And imagine then a state that wants to tell you who to fuck, not to fuck, no matter if you have adult consent, who you may kiss in the subway and so on. I can understand that states do not want you to fuck on the subway, after all there are people who do not want live sex, but a kiss and a hug and holding hands, I think that if you cannot handle that – then you surely have issues. Perhaps you shouldn’t go out in public if you cannot take people showing each other love. Actually it is good that people show love instead of crime and riots. That is what I think. It makes the world a nicer place. Say something nice to someone today.

And I do accept friendly democratic ways of trying to change the world, however tear gas and violence is not acceptable. Just saying.

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