Elk is dying out in Sweden

The self dead elks have increased in Sweden. According to the Dn.se article not only fish and birds are self dying in Sweden, even elk. Up to 80 elk have been found dead due to disease, the normal count is 30. When self death goes up to bigger animals then the environment is surely having problems. Poisons, increased heat all lead to mother Earth being in imbalance. We need to start living eco-friendly.

The riots the past days haven’t been helping the environment. 100 cars have been burned. They will surely be replaced and that is a strain on the environment. A fire is more dangerous for the environment than using cars for many years. You have those statistics on Länsförsäkringars homepage if you want numbers how dangerous fires are for the environment. The youth in the segregated areas are in fact helping our elks do die out. Perhaps they do not understand it, due to lack of knowledge and education.

If it is so that the boys lack education, have problems with drugs and poverty, it is only them who can change that. They need to want to stop to live a criminal life in violence. When they chose to do so, they may get help. Otherwise I think prison is the only way for the youth over 15 behind these riots. The Swedish state needs to really do something. They need to put the feet down and accept zero tolerance for the youth violent behavior. Place them behind bars. Then work with them. Medicate those that need it. Well, something must be done. We cannot have these youth on the streets anymore. I as a citizen want to be safe in my own home. I do not feel safe. I am worried. I want to be home and protect my neighbourhood due to the recent events.

Who knows … if riots do not stop and people start living eco-friendly, perhaps there will be no elk anymore…

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