Review of the movie Oblivion

I have seen the movie Oblivion, with Tom Cruise as the lead character. It is about a future disaster of Earth. Earth has been attacked and destroyed with nukes. Tom repairs drones that kill all life they come across – life that Jack never has seen up close . Humanity is said to have been evacuated to Titan, a moon outside Saturn. But, the technician named Jack (Tom) is having his doubt about leaving Earth. He has found a wonderful valley with a lake and build a house there. I would very much like to stay at that nice valley.

Jack has no memory before he was a drone repair man. Those are the rules for the mission. However Jack has dreams. The dreams are in fact parts of his erased memory.

Triangular (up side down) shaped vessels are gathering water. The water is being harvested from Earth since there is no natural water as on Earth on Titan. One day Jack is looking for a drone and goes into a cave, that is a buried library. He finds a book with a text. It is a trap by the life that the drone kills. Jack is however saved by a drone and he can leave, but his motorbike has been stolen. Jack feels that they weren’t trying to kill him. Jack feels that they tried to catch him.

Jack finds a crew of astronauts. The drones kill them, except one, that Jack saves. The women is a women he remembers from his dreams.

Later on they catch Jack and the women and Jack are presented a new story about life. They do not seem to convince him, so they let him go, so he may find the truth. Of course he finds it… and more than this I cannot tell you without revealing the whole story of course.

Tom is good as usual. He looks really trimmed for this movie too, as well as the two co-actresses. The landscape is broken and a desert and it looks realistic. There a lot of wonderful sceneries and the designs are clean.

The “tet” is mission control and I cannot help “tet” being associated with “thetan” from the scientology religion. Perhaps it is on purpose. Of course it is. Tet is most often keeping track on everything, however sometimes the “tet” isn’t online and than there is no surveillance on that part of Earth during that hour.

I like these type of sci-fi-movies. However I am missing the part were “tet” comes from and more about the story around it all. I would have liked to know more. And why upside down triangular-shaped vessels and “tet”? No coincidence of course. It is a clean-cut movie. A lot of wonderful scenery.

If you like sci-fi-movies with not too much blood then this is a movie for you. I give this film 4 stars out of five. It is entertaining and I like the concept.

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