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I saw the film Hirokin – The last samurai. It is a sci fi that takes place on another planet far away in the future, when we humans know how to travel through the stars. However when we find a planet with a similar species we choose to put ourselves above them and enslave them. We also destroy their fruitful planet so it is more like a desert planet just like places in the middle east and Afrika. Hirokin is human and not a species of the planet. However he falls in love with one of the girls from the planet. Humans are having infertility problems and their species is not. So he has a baby with her.

The story is about Hirokin finding the “wei”, a type of Zen buddhism like way of life. Being one with nature and so on. The film categorizes into the type of film that star wars does, without the modern technology though. It is somewhat a sci fi without technology, it is somehow middle ages fighting and clothing and so on, however modified. Even the type of film that Hunger games goes into is represented in this film, so expect murders and killings and blood if you see it.

For the adventure and sci fi lovers this is surely a nice type of entertainment, however not for the smaller kids in the family. I give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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