Review of the movie Cloud Atlas

If you are whimsical and have a hard time on holding track on more than two things then you shouldn’t see the movie. The movie is somewhat boring the first half hour when the story is being set, but it seems necessary for the rest of the story outlining. It is a story about six different stories in six different time periods. The stories are played parallel and not in any special order, however synchronic in each story. This makes it harder for those that have a hard time to keep track on things to keep up with the movie. However, for me it wasn’t difficult at all to keep up. However I didn’t count the number of stories, my partner had to tell me. So my partner is probably even more logistically fit than me watching a film. However I have no problem jumping from one story to another and for me it is never a mess. It is in fact easy. With those settings set this was an interesting movie and the revealing of the movie doesn’t really come until the end. So you have to be seated almost 3 hours to understand the complete movies outcome.

I liked the movie and I am thinking it would have been easier for the audience if each story had been played separate and chronological, however I do understand the movie maker wanting to draw parallels between the different time periods. This would have been possible anyway, even though playing the stories each by each and giving a glimpse back to an older story.

I like the fact that they are trying to say everything is connected. They paint up a story about how we live now and how we live in the next life are depending on what you have done in this life. It will affect how you will be able to live in the next life. However you can also try to fix it… by making a penance. It also shows that depending on your life doings your life is affected in this life to. And it also says that those you meet in this life you will also meet in the next life to, everyone will just have different roles.

The dreams in this movie are experiences from past life as well as future lifes. So when they are having “future” visions they are really not seeing this life but a future life.

The movie is historical as well as futuristic, since it contains science fiction. There are many genre’s in this movie so to speak. From adventure and sci-fi to love and romance and so on.

All the characters are played by the same people, however with modified looks.

I give this movie 3,5 of 5 stars.

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