It was so unexpected

One person, who I have known since the person was born, gave me a “love token”. The person said it loved me unconditionally and that I was the person it loved the most in the whole world no matter what I ever did in my life. Thanks for that. I am like a sibling to that person. It is great to know that someone loves me a lot. It is a platonic unconditional love, just as if a birth parent or child would love the parent or child.

I love many people unconditionally, not just one. I love a lot. I wonder why that is so? But the persons that would like my love unconditionally are probably not the ones. Hehe. I am very demanding… and therefore I guess my love for them is not unconditional. But there are people whom I love unconditionally, no matter how stupid they might be. I do not even love my partner unconditionally. Imagine that. I would leave my partner if my expected requirements started to fail on each point. What does that say about me? Lucky those that I love unconditionally… They can be total assholes if they want…

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